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Kohlberg and Piaget: Moral Development Theories

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Both Kohlberg and Piaget focused on the moral development of the child. How would each theorist explain why a 10-year-old child might steal a toy from a store? Which one is more convincing to you? Why?

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Kohlberg's theory of moral reasoning involves stages, which are organized into three levels. In the given scenario one could argue that in the context of Kohlberg's theory the ten year old child is operating at the Pre-conventional level, Egoist/Self-interest orientation stage (Level 1, Stage 2). At this stage an individual is seeking only to satisfy their own needs, without taking into account right or wrong. The child sees the toy, wants the toy, and so takes the toy. Maybe a toy was taken ...

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Kohlberg and Piaget's theories are each applied to the scenario of a 10 year old boy stealing a toy from a store.