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    Cognitive, Symptom, and Personality Tests

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    Personality assessment testing rationale

    What is the rationale for using personality assessment testing? Include one possible ethical or legal consideration related to the decision to use assessment testing.

    MMPI-2 score of depression

    Your client has t-scores greater than 70 on depression, psychopathic deviance, and schizophrenia on the MMPI-2. Would you feel comfortable diagnosing mental illness based on these results? Why or why not?

    Children's Depression Inventory

    1. Compare and contrast summaries 2. Based on the analysis of your articles, discuss the use of your selected measure. Explain who is qualified to administer and interpret the measure and the settings?such as occupational, academic, or counseling?in which it would be appropriate to use the measure. 3. Differentiate betwe

    Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II)

    I need help with a short summary of the attached journal article: Convergent validity of the Beck Depression Inventory-II with the Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale in psychiatric inpatients (Krefetz, Steer & Gulab, 2002).

    Beck's Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II)

    Please assist with a short summary (at least 250 words) of the attached journal article: Psychometric characteristics of the Beck Depression Inventory-II with college students of diverse ethnicity (Carmody, 2005).

    Test Anxiety

    3. What are some examples of items you would include in an assessment of an individual's level of test anxiety? How would you evaluate the appropriateness of your items and each item's performance in the assessment?

    Measures of Personality

    Select two standard personality assessments used in business and industry. Keep in mind that these need to be actual, reputable personality assessments, which have data to support their use, such as the Myers-Briggs tool. The simple quizzes that one can find easily on the Internet are not acceptable subject matter for this assig

    Personality assessment

    Which set of MMPI-2 scales are measures of what the client intends to convey to the examiner? A. Psychopathology - 5 scales B. Supplemental scales C. Content scales D. All of the above

    Trait Personality Theory

    Trait Personality Theory is a model that seeks to identify the basic traits necessary to describe personality. Below are the: a. Key concepts 1) Traits: Enduring dimensions of personality characteristics differentiating people from one another 2) Types 3) General traits 4) Long-last