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    Power Dynamics and Social Influence

    Give your own personal definition for power and describe one of the eight influence tactics you have the tendency to use when you are trying to influence or lead people.

    Question about evolution theory and human species

    I am just learning indepth information about evolution and need guidance on how to think about the evolutionary theory of the development of the human species. According to the theory of evolution, what are four characteristics that enabled mature humans to become the dominant species? If most mutations are â??deleterious

    Lifetime repercussions of Development

    What happens if a person fails to successfully navigate through one of the stages in his/her development? Are there any lifetime repercussions and if so, what are they?

    Classical Conditioning Article overview

    Classical Conditioning in the News Using a current article that illustrates concepts associated with classical conditioning (i.e. a current situation with conditioned response or conditioned suppression).. Provide a summary of the articleâ??s main points and any insights or comments you would like to make relative to

    Concept of learning instinct or experience

    Can individuals function successfully when they forget what they learn? Is so, how? If not, why not? Is learning the result of instinct or experience? Provide two examples to support your viewpoint Can learning be defined as survival of the fittest? Why or why not? Provide specific examples in your response.

    Nature and Nurture

    In learning and cognition, one of the major areas of discussion is the impact of nature and nurture. What is the concept of nature versus nurture? Why is it important in the study of learning and cognition? What is your personal philosophy of nature versus nurture, i.e. in what direction do you lien or to which construct


    What is confidentiality? Why is confidentiality an important aspect of the therapeutic relationship? How is confidentiality related to the APA Ethics Code?


    What is the definition of competence? What role does competence play in professional practice?

    Field of psychology

    Which type of dual relationship do you think is most prevalent in the field of psychology? Why?

    Ethical Decision Making

    Ethical Decision Making Article Review Please provide assistance with this. Locate a current article that concerns the concept of ethical decision-making. Read the article and provide a short summary of its main points as a response. Please provide reference information for your article.


    How might you apply approaches of multiculturalism and/or diversity to increase understanding and sensitivity toward culturally diverse individuals? Explain in at least 200 words.


    How do various minority groups differ in terms of their views of mental illness and psychotherapy? Explain in at least 200 words.

    Stereotypical perceptions

    What are some examples of ill-informed and stereotypical perceptions of various racial/ethnic groups?

    Understanding others' responses

    What would be an appropriate response to those who make the following statements? "They chose to come here." "Why should we learn their language? They should be forced to learn ours." "If their manner of dress is inappropriate for the workplace, they should be required to conform." "This country was based on Chri


    What is correlation? What are the different types of correlation? Why is it important to determine correlation? If anxiety and depression are correlated, what three possible directions of causality might explain this correlation?

    Drawbacks Case Study Method

    What are the advantages and drawbacks of using the case study method? Do you think that the advantages to using this method are greater than the drawbacks? Why or why not?

    Threats to Internal Validity

    What is internal validity? Why is internal validity important? What can a researcher do to establish internal validity within a research study?