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    Hearing, sight, blindness, colors.

    What is the distal stimulus in hearing? According to the place theory of pitch, where on the basilar membrane will high-frequency tones cause the greatest amount of vibration to occur? Why are we unable to see colors in very dim light? What does the world look like to people who suffer from the most common type of colo

    Lock-and-key model of synaptic transmission, transducers, cortical arousal, brainwaves that characterize the deeper stages of sleep, drive-reduction theory, main goal of psychophysics, sense of vision, visual system sharpens, visual system of frogs, bug detectors

    1) In the lock-and-key model of synaptic transmission, the "key" gets to the "lock" how? Is it by removal of synaptic vesicles, rapid conduction down to the axon, weak attractive forces of the lock, or diffusion across the cleft? 2) Which of these are transducers? Eardrum, the jnd, hair cells. 3) Which of the following wou