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Neuropsychology Rehabilitation

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Discuss memory and language rehabilitation following brain injury in adult neuropsychology.

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Rehabilitation of language and memory functions following brain injury is explored.

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Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

One of the most important clinical undertakings following the measurement of head injury is the rehabilitation of the individual's intellectual function. McLellan (1991) has defined rehabilitation as 'an active process whereby people who are disabled by injury or disease work with professional staff, relatives and members of the wider community to achieve their optimum physical, psychological, social and vocational well-being.'

Given the correct program of treatment or therapy, it is anticipated that the patients' functions will be restored more speedily than they would be by spontaneous recover alone. Wilson (1995) suggests that the aims of therapy in rehabilitation of cognitive function are:

· to restore function via anatomical reorganisation or restructuring of the environment
· to find other ways of helping the patient to achieve a goal
· to encourage the patient to use residual skills effectively

Rehabilitation programmes are especially common for language dysfunction and memory impairment.

Rehabilitation of Language Function
One of the most standardised and well-documented rehabilitation exercises concentrates on alleviating ...

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