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Classical Conditioning Article

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Classical Conditioning in the News

Using a current article that illustrates concepts associated with classical conditioning (i.e. a current situation with conditioned response or conditioned suppression)..

Provide a summary of the articleâ??s main points and any insights or comments you would like to make relative to those points.

Include reference information for the article

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You'll find a really interesting article in this month's online edition of PNAS. The full reference is:

Fifer, W.P., Byrdd, D. L., Kakua, M., Eigstie, I-M., Islerb, J. R., Grose-Fiferf, J., Tarulloa, A. R., & Balsama, P. D. (2010). Newborn infants learn during sleep. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1005061107

It is currently only available online (not in print), so there are no volume or page numbers yet.

You can also find a summary of the paper at:


In the study, they tested the ability of 34 newborns (these babies were only 1-3 days old) to learn an association between a tone and a puff of air to the eye. A puff of air to the eye is a stimulus we respond to automatically (i.e. it is an ...

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