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    The steps in the ethical decision-making process

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    What are the steps in the ethical decision-making process? Is each step relevant to every situation? Why or why not?

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    1. What are the steps in the ethical decision-making process?

    There are many proposed ethical decision making models that can be utilized. One ethical decision-making model and its steps are as follows (it is verbatim): (note: the steps may not always follow the same order shown and steps may be repeated several times in the process.)

    1. Identify the problem or dilemma.

    ? Does a problem or dilemma actually exist?
    ? Is this an ethical, legal, moral, professional, or clinical problem?
    ? Is it a combination of more than one of these?
    ? How can you know the nature of the problem?
    ? Would you consult at this early stage as you are identifying the problem?
    ? How might you begin the process of consultation with your client about the nature of the

    2. Identify the potential issues involved.

    ? How might you best evaluate the rights, responsibilities, and welfare of all those involved and
    those who are affected by the decision, including your own welfare as a practitioner?
    ? How can you best promote your client's independence and self-determination?
    ? What actions have the least chance of bringing harm to your client?
    ? What decision will best safeguard the client's welfare?
    ? How can you create a trusting and collaborative climate where your clients can find their own
    ? What principles can you use in prioritizing the potential issues ...

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