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Coulomb's Law

Magnetism is reinforced.

1. Why is a chunk of iron attracted to either pole of a magnet? What does this tell you about the reliability of attraction as a test of whether something is permanently magnetized or not? A classic puzzle involves two seemingly identical rods, one steel and magnetized (with poles at its ends), the other soft iron and not magnet

Electrostatics: Forces

Problem 1. Determine the electric force acting on an electron placed in a uniform north-to-south E-field of 8.0 x 10^4 N/C in vacuum. 2. A +10-uC test-charge at some point beyond a charged sphere experiences an attractive force of 40 uN. Please coompute the value of the E-field of the sphere at that point in a vacuum. 3

Bainbridge Mass Spectrometer

This problem has to do with the fact that one of Dalton's original Atomic Theory postulates was not true. 1) One gram equivalent weight of Lithium is 6.941 grams, according to chemical reaction analysis. What does this statement mean? If the valence of Lithium is known to be +1, what is the gram atomic weight of Lithium? So