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    Acceleration of a proton in a uniform electric field

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    A uniform electric field has a magnitude of 2.1E3 Newtons/Coulombs. In a vacuum, a proton begins with a speed of 2.0E4 meters/seconds and moves in the direction of this field. Find the speed of the proton after it has moved a distance of 1.0mm.

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    The speed of the proton is low enough that we need not consider relativistic effects.
    <br>Recall that the charge on a proton is: 1.602 E-19 C
    <br>So, the electric field will exert a force on the proton of:
    <br>(2.1E3 N/C)(1.602E-19 C) = 3.3642E-16 N
    <br>as the ...

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    A step-by-step calculation of the forces and acceleration on a proton in a uniform electric field.