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    Uniform electric field

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    A uniform electric field produces an acceleration (10 m/s^2, 10 m/s^2,0) at (1 m, 1m, 1m) for a -5 micro Coloumb charge of mass 10 g. Write the electric field at all points in space. (Hint: it would be a good idea to know what uniform means here).

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    (* denotes multiplication, ^ denotes power)
    uniform means constant
    acceleration comes from the force the electric field applies on the charge as
    force = mass * acceleration

    Electric force= E*q
    where E= Electric field
    when we equate it to mass * acceleration we get Electric field E as we know the mass and the charge

    We will calculate the three components of the Electric field in x,y and z directions as field is a ...

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    The expert calculates the value of Uniform electric field. Coloumbs charge of mass is examined.