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    Magnitude of net force

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    Three positive particles of charges Q = 61.8 micro coulombs are located at the corners of an equilateral triangle with a side L = 16.3cm. Calculate the magnitude of the net force on each particle.

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    Use Coulomb's Law to get the force exerted by one charge on the other:

    F = k * q1 * q2 / d^2

    F is the magnitude of the force. The direction of the force on what particle is in the opposite direction of the other particle when the charges are of the same sign.

    k is Coulomb's constant--9 * 10^9 Newton meters^2 /
    q1 and q2 are equal and so are 61.8 * ...

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    This solution calculates the magnitude of the net force on three positive particles that have charges of Q=61.8 micro coulombs, adhering to the equilateral triangle's side L=16.3cm.