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Graphs and Functions

Linear equations

Problems: Problem: 8/3.1 Y=2x+5 (8,y ), (-1,y), (x, -1) Problem 70/3.1 Graph each equation. plot at least five points for each equation. use graph paper of a graphing calculator or excel x-2y=6 x=6+2y Problem 42/3.2 Graphing a line for given slope and a point The line through (-2,3) with slope -2 Problem

Polar coordiates

Polar coordiates - Find all points of intersection of the given curves. r=sin(theta) r=sin(2theta)

Graph, Tree, Trail

1. Determine if the attached graph is a tree. Please refer to Q1 in the attached Trees.pdf for the graph. 2. As few trails as possible, are to be built between houses in a primitive community so that it is possible for a resident to go from any house to any other. If there are 34 houses, how many trails need to be built? S

Mathematics - Line Graph


XYZ Advertising: Linear Regression Problem

Great news! XYZ Advertising has called you in for an interview to join its advertising team. During the interview process, you are expected to solve a linear regression problem. Consider the following data in the table below that show the cost for a Super Bowl ad from the years 1990-2006 and the average number of homes and viewe

Generating Coordinates, Calculating Slopes, and Graphing.

Please provide solutions for the following with complete work. Thank you. Complete each ordered pair so that it satisfies the given equation. 2x+5: (8,_), (-1,_), (_,1) Find the slope of each line. 1.) coordinates are (3,1) (0,3) 2.) coordinates are (0,4) (2,4) Graphing problem. Solve each problem.

Graphing: Translation of Points and Coordinates of Image Points

Find the coordinates of the points whose images under the translation (x,y) --> (x - 3, y = 4) are the following: a) (0,0) b) (-3, 4) c) (-6, -9) d) (7, 14) e) (h, k) Consider the translation (x,y) --> (x + 3, y - 4). In each of the graphs in the attached file, draw the image of the figure under the translation and f

Graphing Linear Equations.

I need a response to this question: You are tutoring a friend who is just learning how to graph linear equations with two variables. How will you describe at least two methods of graphing lines? Do not forget to include ordered pairs, axes, slope, and intercepts. Thank you

Constructing a Non-Linear Profit Graph

The J.P. Atkins Company will soon be introducing a new product. Estimates have been made of the monthly profit that would be generated by this product for each of four alternative values of the monthly production rate, as shown below. Production Rate Profit 200 9,500 500 22,500 800 34

Mathematics - Algebra - Functions and Graphs

A physician injects 5 mg of dye into a vein near the heart of a patient and by monitoring the concentration of dye in the blood over a 24-second period, determines that the concentration of dye leaving the heart after t seconds (o<=t<=24) is given by the function C(t) = 0 for 0<=t<=2 and C(t) = -0.034(t^2 - 26t + 48) for 2

Functions and Graphs to Express Monthly Profit

A manufacturer can produce bookcases at a cost of $80 apiece. Sales figures indicate that if the bookcases are sold for x dollars apiece, approximately 150 - x will be sold each month. a) Express the manufacturer's monthly profit as a fucntion of the selling price x b) Draw the graph c) Estimate the optimal selling p

Mathematics - Calculus - Function and Graph

A bookstore can obtain an atlas from the publisher at a cost of $10 per copy and estimates that if it sells the atlas for x dollars per copy, approximately 20(22 - x) copies will be sold each month. Express the bookstore's monthly profit from the sale of the atlas as a function of price, graph this function, and use the graph to

Function word problem

Suppose that the monthly cost of a long-distance phone plan (in dollars) is a linear function of the total calling time (in minutes). When graphed, the function gives a line with a slope of .11. The monthly cost for 40 minutes of calls is 16.68. What is the monthly cost for 32 minutes of calls?

Writing a Equation of a Line from a Word Problem

Owners of a recreation area are filling a small pond with water. They are adding water at a rate of 35 liters per minute. There are 500 liters in the pond to start. Let W represent the amount of water in the pond (in liters), and let T represent the number of minutes that water has been added. Write an equation relating W to

15 Problems : Graphs of Quadratic Functions - Maximum, Minimum and Vertex

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1. Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. The vertex is _______ (type an ordered pair) The equation of the line of symmetry is x= _________ 3. Write a quadratic equation having the given number as solutions. -4 and -1 The quadratic equati

Vertex, Intercepts

(1) Write an equation for the parabola with vertex at (4,0) and y-intercept at (0,4). How many x-intercepts does the graph have? (2) Find the equation for a parabola that has a vertex at (-12,-40) and passes through the point (6,68).

Exponents and Functions : Expressing Functions

Problem: A cell phone company charges a $50.00 activation fee plus $45.00 per month for unlimited calling within the network. (1) Use function notation to represent the total amount paid A(x) for x months of service. (2) Find A(4). Interpret the meaning of the answer in this situation.

Slope and Lines through Points

Find the slope (-2,3) and (0,-4) the line through (-2,5) with slope -1 Draw l 1 through (-4,0) and (0,6) What is the slope of any line parallel to l 1? Draw l 2 through the origin and parallel to l 1? Write an equation for each line. (2,3) (-1,1) Find the slope and y intercept x+2y=3 Graph each line using it y int

11 Graphing Problems : Slope, Intercept and Application Word Problems

1.) Use the intercepts to graph the equation. X + 3y = 6 2.) Graph the line containing the given pair of points and find the slope. (2, 1) (-5, -3) Find the slope of the line. M=____. (simplify your answer. Type an integer or a fraction. Type N if the slope is undefined.) 3.) Solve the system of equations by graphing. The

Graph and Quadratic equations

Please assist with the attached document. 1. Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. Graph the function F(x) = The vertex is Type an ordered pair 2. Find and label the vertex and the line of symmetry. Graph the function. F(x) = The vertex is Type an ordered pair 3. Find and label the vertex and the

Graphs of Functions ...

Graph the following. Find all asymptotes, if any. State the domain and range of the function, describe the concavity and say where it is increasing ofr decreasing. y=1/x-4 +2 -Please note-this is a fraction-1 over x-4

Mathematics - Functions - Graphs

1) Find f(2), f(-3) and f(4) given f(x)=3x squared+5x+12. 2) Find f(-5), f(1) and f(9) given f(x)=-2x squared+2x-7. 3) Graph: g(x)=-(x+2)squared 4) Graph: f(x)=x cubed-4 5) Graph: h(x)= -square root of x. 6) Graph: p(x)= |1/2x|.

Modeling Population Growth

Your group will develop four different population scenarios for a town. As a group, you will decide on the name of the town and the initial population. You will graph the function for each population scenario and use your model to make some decisions about the population. 1) Decide on a name of a rural town. 2) Decide on a

A sound wave is given by the function

3. A sound wave is given by the function f(t) = 0.5e^-2t cos 4t Write down the first four terms of the power series expansions of e^-2t and cos 4t. Determine the cubic (up to and including the third power of t) approximation of f(t) and calculate the accurate and approximate values of f(0.02) giving your results correct to

Word Problem: Finding the Slope of a Line

The slope intercept formula in math form is y=mx+b. The slope in this case is m and determines how much increase there is in y from an increase in x. In cost-volume profit, the formula is profit-margin per unit times the number of units, less fixed costs. Here, fixed cost are essentially a negative value for b in the basic for

Catenary Equation of a hose.

Hi, Given are the elevations of a hose connected to a building on one side and to a ship on the other. The below attached sketch shows the POC-Points of Connection as 19.09 ft on building and 49.9 ft on the ship. The distance from the building to the mid-span of hose is r2= 5 ft and r1 from ship is r1=6.5 ft. The hose is not

Functions and Graphs: Population Growth in a Rural Town ...

1) Decide on a name of a rural town. 2) Decide on an initial population, , of the town in the year 2010. Choose an initial population between 5,000-10,000. Use this value of for each of the scenarios. 3) You will investigate four different scenarios of population growth or decline in this town. ? Linear growth ? Gr