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Graphs and Functions

Graph the parabola

Please assist with the attached problem. y = -1/4x^2 + x - 6 Identify the vertex and four additional points on each side of the vertex

Find the slope and y-intercept

Please see attached file. Name: __________________________ Date: _____________ 1. Find the slope and y-intercept. x = -7 A) Slope: undefined; y-intercept: (0, -7) B) Slope: 0; y-intercept: none C) Slope: undefined; y-intercept: none D) Slope: 0; y-intercept: (0, -7) 2. Match the graph with one of the equation

Find the slope of any line perpendicular to the line through points

16. Find the slope of any line perpendicular to the line through points (0, 5) and (-3, -4). 20. on page 626 27. Geometry. Floor plans for a building have the four corners of a room located at the points (2, 3), (11, 6), (_3, 18), and (8, 21). Determine whether the side through the points (2, 3) and (11, 6) is parallel to


28. x + y = 18 24. 3x _ 4y _ 12 (0, ) (0, ), , ( , 0), 26. y=2x + 5 (0, ), ( , 5),( ), ( , 1) 28. x + y = 18 Give the coordinates of the points graphed below ( I couldn't load the graph, but it wanted o show the points) 2. B 4. D 23.Plot points with coordinates (2, 3), (3, 4), and (4, 5) on the given gr

Forward Loop Transfer Function

Consider the forward-loop transfer function in the sampled-data system as: (a) Determine the corresponding z -transform G(z) and the characteristic equation for this system. (b) Using the bilinear transformation and Routh's Stability Criterion, determine the range of K for stability when the sampling time T = 0.25 s. (c) C

Graphs : Coloring Maps

Let G be a cubic plane graph. Prove that the map M(G) is 3-colourable iff each country has an even number of sides. note: if we omit the vertices and edges of a plane graph G from the plane, the remainder falls into connected components, called "faces." Clearly each plane graph has exactly one unbounded face. The boundary

Graphing, Modeling and Population Growth (MTH 133 Unit 4)

The town I chosen is Scott City the population was 4591 in 2000. 1. Linear Growth: Suppose that the town has a fixed increase in population growth number of population increase each year. Choose the amount of population growth each year = _______ (Hint: Choose a whole number for your growth rate, rather than a percen

Intepreting Data and Piecewise Functions

A factory begins emitting particulate matter into the atmosphere at 8 am each workday, with the emissions continuing until 4 pm. The level of pollutants, P(t), measured by a monitoring station 1/2 mile away is approximated as follows, where t represents the number of hours since 8 am: p(t)= 75t + 100 if 0 is less tha

Finding the Equations of Functions

Find the equation for each of the following items below: a. A line that passes through (1,1) and is perpendicular to the line 3X+4Y=12. b. A line that passes through (5,4) and has a slope of 2. c. A line that passes through (9,8) and has a slope of -1. d. A line that passes through the points (1,2) and (12,24) e.

MTH133: Unit 4 - Individual Project - B

Please see the attachment for detailed description. 1) State the domain of the following: a) f(x) = sqrt (x - 8) b) h(x) = 3x^2 + 5x - 3 c) m(x) = 5/(x^2 + 9) d) l(x) = 5x - 4 e) g(x) = (7x + 4) / (x+4) 2) Suppose the graph of y = x^2 is shifted to obtain each the following graphs. What is the equation of the funct

Graphs : Chromatic Number

Show that the chromatic number of G_1 + G_2 isX(G_1) + X(G_2) for any two graphs G_1 and G_2. Where X(G)is the Chromatic Number. defn: X(G) a proper colouring or simply a colouring of the vertices of G is an assignment of colours to the vertices in such a way that adjacent vertices have distinct colours; X(G) is then the mi

Describing Curves and Graphs

Describe in words the graph of each of these curves below. Include in your description the shape, along with other possible relevant information such as length, width, and center points. a. Y = 3X2 b. (X-1)2 + (Y-8)2 = 16 c. (X+2)2 + (Y-4)2 = 36 d. Y = X2 - X

Evans Price Adjustment Model : Supply and Demand Functions

Qn1)The Evans Price Adjustment model is a dynamic model in which price p denote the price of a particular commodity, S(p) and D(p) denote the supply and demand functions of that commodity respectively. These 3 parameters are regarded as function of time t. The time rate of change of price is assumed to be proportional to the sho

Discontinuous Functions

Find the values of f(x) at which each of the following functions is discontinuous. Why is the function discontinuous at that value? a) f(x)= {2x+5, x<1 {x+6, x is greater than or equal to 1 b) f(x)= {2x+5, x is not equal to 1 {3, x=1 c) f(x)= 1/x d) f(x)= {(x^2)+10}/{(x^2)-x-2}

Maximum Value of a Function

Suppose that a projectile is fired at an angle of 45 degrees from the horizontal.... Please see attachment and show work.

Lines Parallel To y=-x+6

Find an equation of the line that is parallel to the line y = -x + 6 and that passes through the point (5,9).

Vertical and Horizontal

Write and equation for the vertical and horizontal lines passing through the point (4,-4) in (x,y) coordinates. Please show the steps to help me understand how you accomplished this.

MTH 133, Unit 2 - Individual Project - A

Please see attachment for full descriptoin. 1) Solve the following by factoring: a) x^2 - 6x - 16 = 0; b) 6x^2 + 42x = 0 2) if f(t) = 2t^2 - 4t - 1, find a) f(2); b) f(-1) 3) solve 6x^2 + 3x - 18 = 0 using the quadratic formula. 4) Use the graph of y = x^2 + 4x - 5 to answer the following: a) Using

Functions : Concave Up and Concave Down

6. (6--9) Determine the intervals on which the function is concave up and intervals on which the function is concave down. Check your answers by graphing the corresponding functions. . 7. . 8. restricted to . 9. Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Various Function Examples and Graphs

Form each of the following: 1) A linear equation in one variable: 2) A linear equation in two variables: 3) A quadratic equation: 4) A polynomial of three terms: 5) An exponential function: 6) A logarithmic function: Plot the graphs of the equations you created.

An Assortment of Basic Statisitics and Graphing Problems

Problem #'s 14, 18, 20, 24, 36 these I need help completing Find the median of each set of numbers. 14. 1, 4, 9, 15, 25, 36 Find the mode of each set of numbers. 18. 41, 43, 56, 67, 69, 72 20. 9, 8, 10, 9, 9, 10, 8 24. Statistics. A salesperson drove 238, 159, 87, 163, and 198 miles (mi

At a large pharmacy, first you wait at the line for giving your order.

Dear OTA, Please help with steps Thanks 1. At a large pharmacy, first you wait at the line for giving your order. Most of the time (80% of the time) the pharmacist has your drugs ready in 2 minutes. But 20 percent of the time, the pharmacist needs additional time to prepare the drug, and she spends 8 minutes for your

Continuity of a Max Function on [0,1] X [0,1]

Let f(x,y) be a real valued continuous function defined on the unit square [0,1] X [0,1]. Prove g(x)=max{f(x,y) : y in [0,1]} is continuous. --- Can we treat g(x) as a composite function that maps R^2 --> R ?

Applications of Linear Equations

Problems #'s 8, 16, 28, 38 these I need help completing Hint: (in order to draw points and lines on the graph I use Paint) Click on it and copy/paste it into an open Paint file 1. Click on the spray-paint icon and then choose the smallest splotch (there were three sizes 2. After you plot the points then paste again