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Geometry and Topology

Need to know the differences between regular Tic Tac Toe and cylindrical

A careful player can always guarantee at least a draw at regular tic tac toe. (a) Is this also true with cylindrical tic-tac-toe? Explain. (b) In cylindrical tic-tac-toe, can two players co-operate to play a draw? Explain. I know this must be simple but I can find nothing on it anywhere.

Functions and Coordinate Geometry

Functions and Coordinate Geometry - (1) Find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point m= , (6,-8) (2) Write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel to the given line. Express your answer in the form y=mx+b (7,8); x+7y=5 ... ... (6) The table lists data regard

Relationship between volume and cone angle

Please help with the attached problem. Shown at the right is a cone with a slant height of 10 cm. Let's explore the relationship between the volume and the angle at the top of the cone....

Solve equilibrium of price, estimate population, and dimension of rectangular

Need assistance in solving the attached problems. My answers are falling short of the choices given in the problem. Please explain the steps to get answers. Thank you. 1. Find the equilibrium price. Suppose the price p of bolts is related to the quantity q that is demanded by: P=520-5q^2 where q is measured in hundred

Connected Convex Subsets

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Let A and B be separated subsets of some Rk, suppose and , and define for . Put , . [Thus if and only if .] (a) Prove that Ao and Bo are separated subsets of R1 . (b) Prove that there exists such that . (c) Prove that

Subspaces, Basis, Dimension and Rank

Please solve no. 12 and no. 30 in file scan005.jpg. For problem 30; when claiming that a vector is in a space, demonstrate correctness by giving the coefficients.

Maximizing Profit and Minimizing Surface Area of a Cylinder

9) A shop can sell 30 radios at $20 each, per week. For every $1 increase in the price there will be a loss of one sale per week. How much should the shop charge in order to make the maximum profit If the cost to make each radio is $10 10). A closed can (top and bottom), in the shape of a cylinder, is to hold 2000pi cm^3 of

Understanding the geometric principles

How would you incorporate the use of standard units, the use of tools to measure, the importance of precision and accuracy, estimation and the use of manipulatives and other visual aides to a group of third graders to make them understand the common concept behind measurements regardless of what is being measured? Why is it impo

Topological Spaces and Continuity

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Let be a real valued function on a topological space . Show that is continuous if and only if for each real number the set and are open. Show that is continuous if and only if for each real number the set is open and is closed

Half-Angle Identities

Please show the steps in completing this problem. Please see attached file for full problem description. 10). Use the half-angle identities to evaluate tan(67.5) exactly. A). 1 + B). 1 - C). -1 + D). -1 - [show the steps in completing this problem]

Some problems on simple equations in one variable.

1.) t+4=-9 2.)98=7z 3.)37=y/5+14 4.)2/7x-4/3=-3/2 5.)8(x-8)-5x= -37 6.)u+3>19 7.)-4x-17 is less than or equal to 19 8.)word problem a local hamburger shop sold 577 hamburgers and cheeseburgers on Tuesday. they sold 73 fewer cheeseburgers than many hamburgers did they sell? 9.)a=1/2h

Geometry : Area and Distance

Area For locations between 20degrees and 60degrees north latitude a solar collector panel should be mounted so its angle with the horizontal is 20 greater than the local latitude. Consequently, the solar panel mounted on the roof of Solar Energy, Inc., in Atlanta (latitude 34degrees) forms a 54degree angle with the horizontal.

Point and Segment, Volume and Dimensions

Please see attachment for full problem description. 1. (4 pts) Use the figure below to find the following: Hint: Your answers will be points or segments from this figure. See attachment 2. Lines A and B are parallel and are cut by the transversal shown. Determine the measures of angles 1 throu

Writing Equations from Word Problems

The length of a rectangle is 3 cm more than 5 times its width. If the area of the rectangle is 76 cm2, find the dimensions of the rectangle to the nearest thousandth.