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    Coordinates and Altitude

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    Let A = (0,3) and B = (4,0) and AB = 5 = c
    Let D be the altitude to the hypotenuse.

    a) Find the coordinates of D
    b) Find the lengths of AD, BD, and CD

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    ABC is a 3-4-5 triangle, so angle A = 53.1 degrees, angle B = 36.9 degrees.

    Since CD is the altitude, we know that it is perpendicular to AB, so angle CDB is 90 degrees.

    Therefore, angle DCB is 180 - 90 - 36.9 = 53.1, then angle ACD must be 36.9 degrees.

    Now, you can see that ...

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    The expert finds the coordinates and length of different lengths with a hypotenuse.