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Geometry and Topology

Estimating errors in measuring volume of small balls in large container

Consider an experimental procedure to measure the average volume of M&M Peanut candies. One hundred piece of the candy are poured into a graduated cylinder with a 30 diameter. The cylinder is then filled with 1 mm diameter beads and shaken so that the beads and candies pack as tightly as possible. Finally, the candies are remove

Plucker Coordinates

1. Let d = (1, 2, -2), m = (-8, 5, 1) (a) Check that d and m are orthogonal. I already check that it is orthogonal. DO NOT ANSWER THIS PART. (b) Find a vector v such that d x v = m. In other words, find an affine point on the line with Plucker coordinates (1, 2, -2, -8, 5, 1). 2. Describe a general way

Weightage Method

Four cities plan to build a new airport to serve all four communities. City B (population 180,000) is 4 miles north and 3 miles west of city A (population 75,000). City C (population 240,000) is 6 miles east and 12 miles south of city A. City D (population 105,000) is 15 miles due south of city A. Find the best location for the

Tychonoff and Hausdorff Spaces

Let X and Y connected, locally path connected and Hausdorff. let X be compact. Let f: X ---> Y be a local homeomorphism. Prove that f is a surjective covering with finite fibers. Prove: a) Any subspace of a weak Hausdorff space is weak Hausdorff. b)Any open subset U of a compactly generated space X is compactly generated

Geometry: Finding the angles of Polygons

Please help with the following problems on geometry and topology. Provide step by step calculations. See the attached files for diagrams to go along with the questions. Find the value of x and any unknown angles. Find the measure of one angle in the polygon. Round to nearest tenth if needed. 4. Regular 30-gon 5. Regular

Angles in Polygons

A- find the measure of one angle in the polygon. round to nearest tenth if needed. 1- regular 30- gon 2- regular 35- gon b- sum of angle and number of sides to polygon sum of angles number of sides to polygon 5040 1800 2160 4140 c- tell whether the stateme

Value of x, volume of a cylinder

1) Using the graph, what is the value of x that will produce the maximum volume? 2) The volume of a cylinder (think about the volume of a can) is given by V = πr2h where r is the radius of the cylinder and h is the height of the cylinder. Suppose the volume of the can is 121 cubic centimeters. Write h as a function


A solid whose base is the ellipse (x^2/16)+ (y^2/9)= 1 has cross sections perpendicular to the base and parallel to the minor axis are semi-ellipses of height 5. Find the volume.

Measurement of height of a cylinder

What is the measurement of the height if the radius of the cylinder is 2 centimeters? Graph this function also The formula for calculating the amount of money returned for an initial deposit money into a bank or CD is given by A=P(1+r)^nt n A is the amt o

Maximizing the Volume of an Open-Top Box

An open top box is to be constructed from a 6 by 8 foot rectangular cardboard by cutting out equal squares at each corner and then folding up the flaps. Let x denote the length of each side of the square to be cut out. Find the function V that represents the volume of the box in terms of x. Show and explain the answer, and a

Vectors and analytic geometry

Please find the 1) length and 2) direction (when defined) of 1) A X B and 2) B X A Please show all work, including the grids for the determinants. Thank you. A = 2i - 2j - k B = i - k

Unit square

Is it possible to partition a unit square [0, 1] X [0, 1] into two disjoint connected subsets A and B such that A and B contain opposing corners? I.e., such that A contains (0, 0) and (1, 1), and B contains (1, 0) and (0, 1)? *----0 | | | | 0----* Evidently, A and B couldn't be path-connected because a path running fr

Fixed Point Theorem and Closed Unit Ball in Euclidean Space

The Brouwer Fixed-Point Theorem Let denote the closed unit ball in Euclidean space : . Any continuous map from onto itself has at least one fixed point, i.e. a point such that . Proof Suppose has no fixed points, i.e. for . Define a map , , by letting be the point of intersection of and the ra

Lebesque Number and Connectivity

Lemma. Let {Ui} be an open covering of the space X having the following properties: (a) There exists a point x0 such that x0 Ui for all i. (b) Each Ui is simply connected. (c) If i≠j, then Ui Uj is arcwise connected. Then X is simply connected. Prove the lemma using the following approach: To pro

Proofs : Collinear and Distinct; Boomerang Quadrilateral

1- Prove that if AF/FB = AF'/F'B where A, B, F, F' are collinear and distinct then F does not have to equal F' 2- Suppose that the sides AB, BC, CD and DA of a quadrilateral ABCD are cut by a line at the points A' B' C' D' respectively, show that AA'/A'B * BB'/B'C * CC'/C'D * DD'/D'A = +1


(See attached file for full problem description) Please complete 17-24.

Writing Equations from Word Problems : Time and Distance, Two Moving Objects

A Car leaves Oak Corner at 11:33 a.m traveling south at 70km/h. at the same time, another car is 65 km west of Oak Corner traveling east at 90km/h. a. Express the distance d between the cars as a function of the time t after the first car left Oak Corner. b. show that the cars are closest to each other at noon.

Ratios and contribution analysis

Problem 1 Prepare financial analysis of Panorama. The analysis should include a summarization of the ratio analysis, explanations of what those ratios tell about the financial condition of Panorama, and a summarization of the financial strength and weaknesses of Panorama. What information do I need to use for the Financia