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Find the Area of the Quadrilateral FGKH

Thea area of triangle ABC is 64 sq. in. DE is parallel to FG is parallel HK is parallel to BC. AD=DF=FH=HB Find the area of the Quadrialateral FGKH. See the attached file.

Formula to determine variable of gross profit %

Attached is a spreadsheet with two accounts. Each account has the same retail and invoice. One school has a small enrollment and the other has a larger enrollments. There is a handling fee of $2 per enrollment. There are only two variables that can be changed: brochure cost & incentives. Also, the larger the enrollment, the larg


Solve: 2x-2y=-5 6x-6y=-3

Graph: -6y>-24

I am not sure how to do the following problem and would like to know how to do it. Graph: -6y>-24 That is negative six y is less than negative 24.

Word Problem : Distance and Speed

A man walking his dog along a straight country road spots a friend one mile away. His dog sprints ahead to greet her. When the dog reaches her it turns back to the man. when it reaches him it sprints back to the woman. The process continues until the two people meet. If each person walks at 2 MPH and the dog runs at 8 mph, how f

Bounded Real Sequences and Metrics

Let X be the set of all bounded real sequences ... (SEE ATTACHMENT FOR COMPLETE QUESTION) ... For points x = {x1,,x2,x3...} and y = {y1,y2,y3...} in X define: d(x,y) := SUP |xk-yk|. (k less than or equal to 1) Prove that d is a metric (remember to explain why d(x,y) is finite!) (Please explain in your own words

Word Problem : Writing a Defining Equation and Solving the Equation

To stay competitive with the fast food restaurant across the street, the Pico de Gallo Restaurante offers a lunch special. Each lunch plate has an .80 charge for beans, rice and guacamole, and each taco oredered costs .75. Senora Taquita, across the street, only charges .35 for the beans, rice and guacamole, but charges .90 fo

Linear Programming / Sensitivity Analysis / Optimization: Please solve in Excel using Solver add-in and also do Sensitivity Report to solve and support answers. The EnergyBoat Company

The Background The EnergyBoat, Inc. produces and distributes high quality motor boat with highly seasonal demand. To handle this seasonality, the company has several options for its supply chain aggregated planning purposes: hiring an additional workers during peak seasons, outsourcing part of the demand to a third party manu

Square Root Equations

3x2/3 -5x2/3 + 2=0 I can get 1 and -1 as answers, but the book also has 2square root of 6 divided by 9 as the third answer. How do you work this equation to get that answer?

Adding and Multiplying Quantities with Units

The problem I'm trying to solve involves the equation P=M(av - b) where M is the mass of the runner in kilograms and v is the speed in meters per minute. The constants a and b have the values: a=1.02 x 10^-3 kcal/kg m and b=2.62 x 10^2 kcal/kg min. Does the kcal/kg m and kcal/kg min. following each value refer to wh

Solving One Equation with Two Unknowns

Problem: Solve for the variables 'a' & 'b' (only the positive solutions) where, (a - b) x (a + b) = 9x5 This is my work..is it correct? 2a = a2 + ab -ab - b2 = 45 a2 - b2 + b2 = 45 = b2 a2 = 45 + b2 a2 + a2 - b2 = 45 - b2 + b2 a2 - b2 = 45 7squared = 49 -2squared = -4 49 + -4 =45 a = 7squared, b =

Word Problem : How much money was on the original check?

You have been given a check and when you went to cash it, the clerk reverse the dollars and cents on the check. (Eg. On the check, it's $5.50 but the clerk gave you $50.05). Now, after spending 5 cents, you ended up with twice the amount of the original check. How much money was on the original check?

Inner Product Space Convergence

Problem: If is a bounded sequence in an inner product space, and is a sequence converging to zero, prove that (see attachment). Note, here < , > is the inner product notation. Hint: Use triangle inequality.

Simultaneous Equations in Simplest Form

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Problem 1 Solve the following equation to find x in terms of s and g in its simplest form. (Assuming that ) Problem 2 Solve the equation below for x

Word Problem

If Bob had $150 more saved he would have five times as much saved as he currently has saved. How much does Bob currently have saved?

Quadratic Residues Investigations

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Fix a positive integer a We say that a is a quadratic residue modulo n if there exists x such that a = x^2 mod n. (a) Let n be an odd prime and a be a non-zero quadratic residue modulo n. Show that there are exactly two values in{O.1....,n?1} satisfying x^2=amodn

Equation of sphere

Find an equation of the largest sphere with center (10, 1 , 3) that is contained completely in the first octant. = 0 Note that you must move everything to the left hand side of the equation that we desire the coefficients of the quadratic terms to be 1.