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    Leadership in Health Organizations

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    Nursing Management

    Identify personal and professional weaknesses that may be challenges you must overcome to achieve your desired future nursing role. Desired future nursing role: Leadership/management Personal: I want to be friends with everyone I work with. Professional: do not like to reprimand staff, do not like confr

    Globalization and Diversity Impact on Healthcare Organizations

    Outline issues related to globalization, power, followership, and cultural change from a health leader's perspective. Identify at least three major global health issues that have impacted the U.S. health care system, and describe how this has affected and influenced stakeholders. Relate the global leadership style differences

    Culturally Diverse Nurses

    How can we, as nurse leaders, maximize the benefits of working with culturally diverse nurses? What types of difficulties might you anticipate facing from your staff? Include one scholarly reference please.

    Increased Immigrant Nursing Population

    How has an increased immigrant nurse population affected health care teams? What challenges might occur in culturally diverse work groups? What are some important strategies a nurse leader might implement to facilitate productivity in a culturally diverse work group? Include at least one scholarly reference please

    Stress Management for Palliative Care Clinicians

    Issues of burnout and compassion-fatigue can undermine the effectiveness of even the most effective palliative care clinicians. Is the leader responsible for implementing strategies to manage these issues? If so, what are those strategies? Explain. Please use references that are not websites. Thank you.


    Consider the chronic care needs of the patient population. Describe the leadership strategies that you would implement with the goal of enriching the microsystem data and information environment. Explain the rationale behind your choices of strategies' Please use references that are not websites. Thank you.

    Leadership: Improving the Quality of Patient Care

    What leadership will you provide to the nursing profession at a local or global level? My Goal: Nursing Administration, local level Educational Plan: Dual Masters - MSN/MBA Health care administration How does nursing education fit in your future?

    Check and balances

    As all areas of life operate better in a balance, what are the checks-and-balances for employee empowerment? That is, what checks need to be in place to maintain the direction, momentum and order of a company?

    Legal Process and Malpractice

    Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. As nursing leaders we are all somewhat responsible for the overall "health" of the institutions for which we work. How involved should we be in the legal process related to malpractice? Does a leader need to be made aware of possible and ac

    A Discussion on Team Building

    Understanding and collaboration are important to the success of working with the department leader and staff. How can this be accomplished with leaders and staff that you are not familiar with?

    Are medical errors inevitable?

    Error is inevitable. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What are the implications of accepting error as an essential constituent of delivering care? When you consider the possibility of error in healthcare, what feelings do you experience? Please provide at least 2 paragraphs and use resources that do not include w


    How does the degree of specialization and departmentalization affect broad interdepartmental processes and systems? Is specialization good, bad, or situational?

    Clinical Leaders Case Study

    David Rochester enjoys his role as a Clinical Leader in a palliative care setting. On a typical day David troubleshoots problems as they arise. His job responsibilities include resolving personnel issues, integrating changes in policies, and communicating patient care protocols to the nursing staff. He displays competence and co

    Conflict Resolution Methodologies

    Smith-Trudeau (2002) wrote that the ability to creatively manage internal conflict in the organization is a standard requirement for clinical leadership. Choose a leadership style that you believe is ideally suited to manage conflicts that arise in clinical settings. Describe these leadership strategies that would be effective i

    Self-Efficacy, Self-Management, and Chronic Illness

    Describe the relationship between self-efficacy, self-management, and chronic illness. Describe the impact that these systems have on influencing Clinical Microsystems. Analyze the strategies that the clinical leader can implement to enhance self-efficacy and self-management of chronic care patients and clinical staff. Respond t

    Work in the Administrator's Hospital

    Consider the following: "Work is not inherently valuable. It is valuable to the extent that it serves a purpose. Therefore, the main focus should be not on the work itself but on whether it achieves its end" (Porter-O'Grady & Malloch, 2011). What are the implications of this statement for healthcare leaders? Please provide at

    Predictable Benefit

    Is choosing a decision that poses the least risk and highest predictable benefit always the best option? Why or why not, and give examples. Answer in 200-250 words

    Nursing Shortage and Turnover

    -- What a leader's role and manager's role are in Nursing Shortage and Turnover and how they are the same and how their roles differ from each other. ---Each of their roles and differences supported by nursing theories and principles. ---The professional philosophy of nursing and a preferred leadership style ---Explanation of

    Hospital Emergency Contingency Plan

    Please answer the following questions each with one paragraph. Please provide at least 2 references that are not websites. Thank you. Gillian Scott is an experienced nurse on a medical/surgical floor at a community hospital. She arrives at 6:45 PM for her 12-hour night shift concerned about the impending blizzard that is fo

    Leadership Vision: Reflective Journal

    Reflect upon the concept of leadership. What are the attributes that a leader must possess to effectively lead clinical staff? Each reflection journal should contain the following key elements, regardless of the topic that is the focus of the reflection: Identify your personal assumptions and biases about the topic Provid

    Healthcare Organizational Leadership

    Describe your vision of leadership in healthcare. What are the characteristics that a leader must possess to effectively lead healthcare teams? Consider the following roles: Chief Nursing Officer(CNO) Chief Financial Officer(CFO) Healthcare Administrator Clinical Manager Resource/Charge Nurse Staf

    Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management

    Please provide ideas, points to answer this question. Describe the differing approaches of nursing leaders and managers to the issue of nursing shortage and nurse turn-over or nurse staffing ratio. 1) Compare and contrast how you would expect nursing leaders and managers to approach your selected issue. Support your rational

    Chromosomal Mutations

    Gene mutations can occur spontaneously or could be induced by exposure to chemicals or radiations. Mutations are of various types, ranging from point mutations to expanding repeats. Each mutation is classified by the way it alters the DNA. Types of Mutation A sentence made of three-letter words can provide an analogy to the

    Challenges of Healthcare Leaders

    What are some challenges and issues affecting leadership in the health care industry?How might these challenges and issues affecting leadership in the health care industry be overcome? Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. Thank you.

    Leadership in Healthcare

    1. Conduct a review of the literature focusing on current leadership theories, behaviors, strategies, competencies etc. 2. Select your nurse leader after you have completed a substantial review of the literature ; this should facilitate the selection process. 3. Choose, discuss and defend a leadership theory and relate thi