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    Health Promotion

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    Healthy family overview

    Why is family important in the health of our society? How does a family work as a system in promoting the health of its members? Looking for strategies in promoting health prevention or health promotion

    Critique a current health promotion pamphlet

    Asssess a current health promotion brochure or pamphlet for appropriateness for the general public. Be sure and use references to support and document your discussion as you critique the materials. Include a copy of the pamphlet/brochure as a separate attachment to avoid loss of points. I have attached the brochure for your rev

    Developing a Health Promotion Program for Older Adults

    If you were developing a health promotion program to encourage older adults to visit physicians for preventive purposes, what approach would you use and why? What would be important components to include in a health promotion program and why?

    Cervical Cancer and Teens, Steps to Educate and Can Take

    Please help with finding a professionally reviewed journal article written in the last 5 years for cervical cancer and teens-a program or promotion that was done to educate people-the article will focus on a health education or health promotion intervention. Examples include an after school physical activity program, smoking ces

    High Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion Paper

    Need to obtain an article or articles on common health problems (morbidity) and mortality data for a specific high-risk family**(Alcohol Abuse is the high-risk group that I chose) type. The article(s) need to include information on common health issues among members/families from this high-risk group. I also need as much inf

    Healthy People 2010

    Based on the Healthy People 2010 indicators, which two indicators apply mostly to family vs. individual health promotion?

    Health Beliefs

    How do health beliefs inhibit or facilitate health promotion?

    At-Risk Population: Pregnant Teens

    In regards to community health & health promotion for the pregnant teens, and in the context of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (as an example), what is the actual & potential role of the advanced practice nurse? How does the Crisis Agency use theoretical approaches to health promotion and which theory? And how are the patient/family h