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    Mechanical Engineering

    Flat Belt Engineering Question

    **Please see the attached file for the diagram ** You are to design a Flat pulley drive for a refrigeration system with the compressor pulley diameter being 450mm and the motor pulley diameter being 200mm. The two shafts will be 1.95m apart and connected to a closed belt. Find a. The angle of contact /angle of lap for the tw

    Absolute and Gage Pressure

    The attached figure shows a piston-cylinder system containing water. The surface area of thepiston is 1 m^2 and the mass of the piston is 200 kg. The depth of water is 10m. Please find: a) The absolute and gage pressure at the top surface of water (under the piston) b) The absolute and gage pressure at the bottom of the cylin

    Determine the maximum in plane shear strain

    See attachment for full question details and values. As a result of measurements made on the surface of a machine component it has been established that the principal strains on the surface are...a) Determine the maximum in plane shear strain. b) Determine the true value of the maximum shear strain near the surface.

    Relate the permutation symbol and the Kronecker delta

    I want a proving of a product that relate the permutation symbol and the Kronecker delta. That is a product of Epsilon_inm and Epsilon_jpq that will receive the result as shown.Please use method in eq(1.2.18) approach.

    Calculation of percentage heat reduction

    Water at 90 C flows through a 50mm bore steel pipe of wall thickness 8 mm. Ambient temperature is 18 C. Calculate the heat loss per metre length of pipe. Assuming that the surface heat transfer coefficients remain the same when a layer of hair felt 25mm thick is wrapped around the outside of the pipe, calculate the percentage

    A Diesel Cycle

    See the attached file. The cycle consists of the following stages; 1) 2 air is compressed adiabatically. 2) 3 heat is added at constant pressure. 3) 4 air is expanded adiabatically. 4) 1 air is cooled at constant volume. An engine operating on a Diesel cycle takes in air at state 1 at 1 bar and 12oC. The maximum cycle

    Derive eulers equation

    1- Derive. From first principles eulers equation from the rate of change of momentum 2- Show by integration how Eulers equation derives Bernoullis equation 3- Explain the use of Eulers equation as applied to compressible fluids. Many thanks for any help

    Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient

    A copper sphere of internal diameter 2 m and wall thickness 40 mm is insulated with 75 mm of expanded polystyrene. The thermal conductivity of copper is 380 W/mK and that of the polystyrene is 0.04 W/mK. The inside and outside surface heat transfer coefficients are 500 and 12 W/m2K respectively. The inside temperature is 280

    Aeroplane Dynamics Airliner Take-Off Speed

    Determine the steady thrust that would enable a 200-tonne airliner to reach its take-off speed (75 m sâ?'1), from rest, in 30 s. Explain in a few words why in practice the thrust required will differ from that calculated by this simple model.

    Car Deceleration Problem

    A car is travelling at a steady speed of 90 km/h when an emergency occurs. The driver carries out a panic-braking stop, locking all the wheels (no ABS!). a. Derive expressions for the deceleration under the following conditions: i. if the car is ascending a slope of angle Q from the horizontal ii. if it is on a horiz

    Complex Loading Systems

    A rectangular steel plate has a strain of 2.8 Ã? 10â?"5 when it is subjected to a tensile stress Ï?x. What stress Ï?y should be applied in the y direction in order to make no net strain in the x direction? Take E = 200 GPa and v = 0.28.

    Aeroplane Dynamics for Maximum Take-Off

    The maximum take-off mass of an Airbus A380 passenger jet is about 600 000 kg. The lift is provided by the wings, which have a total area of 845 m2. Calculate the following: A) The approximate take-off velocity of the jet when the lift coefficient of its wings reaches 2.1, stating any assumptions you make in your calculati

    Cantilever Beam with Maximum Tensile Strength

    A cantilever beam is to be made using a symmetrical I section beam. The cantilever is to carry a load of 40kN at a distance 2.5m from the fixed end. The situation allows for a depth of I-beam to be no greater than 250mm. I-beams of this depth are normally supplied with a flange of thickness 8mm and web thickness of 6mm. Calculat

    Couette Flow Velocity Distribution

    Using the log law, determine the velocity distribution for Couette flow between parallel plates a distance h apart, with U = the velocity of the top plate. Prove that the centerline velocity is: (Re/(4*f))^.5=(1/kappa)*ln((.5)*(Re*f)^.5)+B Re=Uh/nu f=Tau_wall*h/(mu*U)

    Torsional shear stress, shear strain in steel

    Materials Science Problem (check ) : A hollow steel shaft has an external diameter of 500 mm and an internal diameter of 250 mm- The shft transmits 25 x 10^3 kW a t 160 rpm . a) What angle of twist is expected for a length of 2.5 m for a mdolus of rigidity of the material of 75 KN / mm^2 ? b ) What diamete

    Multisim, Digital voltmeter, Reconstructing a digitized signal

    1. Using Multisim, construct a simple 0-5V DC digital voltmeter using the ADC (rather than the ADC0804) and the 74185 IC to convert the binary output into BCD, which will be displayed on two 7-segment displays. The 74185 IC will be used to convert a 6-bit binary number to a 2-digit BCD number. Note that the 2 least significant A

    Determining Stress at Point A

    The L-shaped cross section beam seen below supports a distributed load w. The load line of the distributed load is at a 70 angle with the horizontal axis and does not cause any torsion in the beam. What is the stress at point A?

    Find the final state inside the tank

    A tank contains 2kg of nitrogen at 10K with a quality of 50%.Through a volume flow meter and valve, 0.5kg is now removed while the temperature remains constant. Find the final state inside the tank and the volume of nitrogen removed if the valve/meter is located at, a.The top of the tank b. The bottom of the tank.


    In an experiment, a 0.050m3 bomb is initially evacuated.It is then filled with air supplied from a reservoir at 1MPa, through a long steel pipe, in which a solenoid valve is placed. The valve is open rapidly and quickly shut off when pressure in the bomb reaches 0.6MPa, The steel pipe is long enough so that, close to reaching th

    Heat Transfer in an Aluminum Block

    See the attached file. What is the change in temperature of aluminum block that has continuous air flow directed over it? Assume block temperature to be constant throughout. Airstream is directed over part for 1 minute; assume airstream to be 25% efficient. Show all calculations. Weight of block = 15 kg Initial temp. of b

    Cylinder problem strains

    Determine the strains in thick walled cylindrical vessel with inside diameter 1000 mm and outside diameter of 1400 mm. The vessel is subjected to a pressure of 35 MPa, and an axial stress of 100 MPa (E = 207 Gpa, and mu=0.3)

    Pipe flow constants

    100 m of 10 cm diameter new cast iron pipe is laid on a constant uphill slope of 5 degrees. A pump is attached to the low end that generates 150 kPa to pump water at 20 degrees Celsius. What is the flow rate in m^3/h? My concerns are attached in the document:

    Fluids/ Thermo equation

    I have an equation derived for a simple crossflow heat exchanger the final equation is listed on the attachment its very simple there are 2 variables in the equation that I do not know what they are a C and a roe?? Simply tell me what c and roe are its a specific heat and a density I belive ???

    Find flow rate.

    A siphon made of a 1 in-inside-diameter pipe is used to maintain a constant level in a 20 ft-deep tank. If the siphon discard is 30ft below the top of the tank what will be the flow rate if the fluid level is 5ft below the top of the tank. Also to solve change data to metric units.

    Determine the stress in a stay at a given temperature

    A steel 'stay' of effective length 5m is fitted in between the walls of a ships refrigerated compartment when the temperature is 18 degrees centigrade. Assume zero stress in the stay on completion of fitting. when the temperature falls to -10 degrees centigrade, the gap between the walls is reduced by 0.5mm. Determine the str

    Bow Shock Wave Parameters

    Please see the attached file for better formula representation. A three-dimensional bow shock wave is generated by the Shuttle Orbiter during atmospheric re-entry. However, there is a region where the shock wave is essentially normal tot he freestream flow. The velocity of the shuttle is 7.62 km/s at an altitude of 75.0 km. T

    Saturated R-134a in a chamber P-V Diagram

    Saturated R-134a in a chamber undergoes a constant temperature process starting at 52 F and a quality of x-0.15, and ending at a pressure of 44 Ibf/in^2. A) What is the change in specific volume? (20 pts) B) Sketch this process on a p-v diagram. (5 pts)