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    Steel Shaft Design

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    Materials Science
    Problem (check ) :

    A hollow steel shaft has an external diameter of 500 mm and an internal diameter of
    250 mm-
    The shft transmits 25 x 10^3 kW a t 160 rpm .

    a) What angle of twist is expected for a length of 2.5 m for a mdolus of rigidity of the
    material of 75 KN / mm^2 ?

    b ) What diameter of solid shaft will transmit the same power at the same maximum stress ?

    c) What will the ratio of the angle of twist be to that of the hollow shaft if the maximum shear stress in the material of 75 N / mm ^2 and what is the ratio of actual permissible
    shear stress ?

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    This solution is comprised of a step by step explanation of torsional stress, torsional strain and relationship with modulus of rigidity & polar moment of inertia for hollow shaft & solid shaft.