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    Determine the stress in a stay at a given temperature

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    A steel 'stay' of effective length 5m is fitted in between the walls of a ships refrigerated compartment when the temperature is 18 degrees centigrade.
    Assume zero stress in the stay on completion of fitting. when the temperature falls to -10 degrees centigrade, the gap between the walls is reduced by 0.5mm.
    Determine the stress in the 'stay' at this temperature.

    Coefficient of linear expansion = 11 x 10^-6 per degrees centigrade.

    Modulus of Elasticity = 210 GN m^-2

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    Q. Determine the stress in a 'stay' at a given temperature

    Ans. The effective length of Steel Stay at 18 Deg.C: 5 M
    1 The Steel Stay is fitted between 2 walls of a refrigerated compartment of a ship
    2 The Steel Stay @18 Deg.C is having zero stress ...

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    The solution determines the stress in a 'stay' at a given temperature. The coefficient of linear expansion and modulus of expansion is discussed.