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    Heat Transfer in an Aluminum Block

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    What is the change in temperature of aluminum block that has continuous air flow directed over it? Assume block temperature to be constant throughout. Airstream is directed over part for 1 minute; assume airstream to be 25% efficient. Show all calculations.

    Weight of block = 15 kg
    Initial temp. of block = 95°C
    Specific heat of Aluminum = .897 kJ/kgC
    Temp of airflow = 40°C
    Air flowrate = 50 m^3/Min
    Density of air @ 40°C = 1.127 kg/m^3
    Specific Heat air @ 40°C = 1.005 kJ/kgK

    Note: I keep coming up with an answer of only 57 seconds. That seems to low. I have attached an excel spread sheet that I was using to solve my problem.

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