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    Center-Based Care

    Policies and Procedures

    Early childhood education administrators are responsible for setting and maintaining the policies and procedures of the child care center or school. Using Chapter 3 of the text and at least one other source (be sure to cite your source), choose one of the following policies and one of the following procedures, and explain how y

    Financial Decisions

    Budget Surplus: Your center is in the enviable position of having a budget surplus that has resulted from careful financial management over the past several years. The center must allocate the excess funds in order to ensure future funding from the church. How will you and board go about making these spending decisions?

    Characteristics of High Quality Child Care

    Identify characteristics of what you would determine to be a "high quality" childcare program. Include in your response components of both process and structural quality. Do you believe high quality early childcare can reduce the demand for high cost special education, social welfare, and criminal justice systems?

    Marketing Child Care

    Solid financial management is based on stated priorities which identify the budget structure. As an Early Childhood Education Administrator, what would you identify as your priorities and how would these priorities be reflected in your line of budget?

    Effective Childcare Program

    * Reflect on each age group as it pertains to effective child care programs(Infant/Toddler, Preschool, or School Age). Evaluate the options for child care for each group and the kinds of programs that would appeal to parents. List the important issues related to quality care for each group. * Conduct an internet search to learn

    High Quality Child Care summary

    High Quality Child Care has been proven to be beneficial for all children by promoting school readiness skills. What does ''High-Quality'' program look like? please Include process quality and structural quality.

    Daycare Brochure

    I need help and suggestions about how to prepare a daycare brochure. Thank you.