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    Policies and Procedures

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    Early childhood education administrators are responsible for setting and maintaining the policies and procedures of the child care center or school. Using Chapter 3 of the text and at least one other source (be sure to cite your source), choose one of the following policies and one of the following procedures, and explain how you would address the problem.

    Policy (choose one)

    a. Sick Policy: Your center has a policy that children cannot come to school if they have a fever, yet Mrs. Thompson brings her son Tyler to school anyway.
    Procedure (choose one)

    a. Daily Health Check Procedure: Each teacher is supposed to perform a daily health check for each child but Sarah, the Pre-K teacher, repeatedly forgets. This time, she missed a case of chicken pox which has now spread to several other children.
    In your discussion post,

    a. Explain the difference between a policy and a procedure.
    b. Provide two to three examples of each.
    c. Outline one to two ideas for implementing or enforcing policies and procedures.
    d. Evaluate one to two potential challenges that may arise with your policies/procedures and propose solutions.

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    The difference between a policy and a procedure is that a policy is a set of rules that describe the why a certain thing is done. A procedure is the exact steps that one takes to complete an activity.

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    This is a brief essay in how teachers can get parents to understand about various health issues and dental issues and developing policies and procedures so they are understandable to parents and children.