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Economic Indicators

Automotive industry, SWOTT etc

Working on body of report (AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY) need introduction and conclusion relating to below requirements or any other assist on body, but intro and conclusion are most important. a. Prepare a 1,400-1,750-word paper based on your (instructor-approved) selected industry or firm. Include in your paper a brief histor

Monetary policy

1. What major economic indicators would you examine if you were planning to make a large purchase and needed a loan? For example, think about buying a new car, some business equipment, or a house? 2. Describe how the Federal Reserve?s policy-makers influence interest rates. Explain the difference between expansionary and cont

Compare and contrast economic indicators for auto industry

Compare and contrast at least two different, two-year forecasts from two separate sources, for the six different economic indicators listed below. economic indicators for the auto industry: 1) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 2) Unemployment rate 3) Consumer price index (inflation rate) 4) Auto sales 5) foreign exchange rate

Income issues

Is it possible for the real income of everyone in society to rise even though the income distribution has become more unequal? Prove your answer with a numerical example and show your work.

Return on Capital Employed, Residual Income & Balanced Score Card

(i)Critically evaluate the use of return on capital employed (ROCE) as a measure of divisional performance on the company's divisions (30%) (ii)Demonstrate whether the move to residual income (RI) as a key indicator of divisional performance would resolve any of the conflicts relating to the capital expenditure proposals bein

General Motors summry

Can you help me compare and contrast at least two different, two-year forecasts from two separate sources, for the Stock Market and Interest Rates of General Motors? I also need to explain the differences between each indicator in the forecast and a rationalization for which forecasts I believe are most accurate. Lastly, how d

Money Supply for Federal Reserve

(a) Does the Federal Reserve have complete control over the money supply at all times? Why or why not? (b) What is the difference between the monetary base and the money supply?

Economics Multiple Choice

1.In demand analysis, endogenous variables include: a. the weather b. consumer incomes c. interest rates d company advertising 2. Which of the following is a leading economic indicator? a. average prime rate charged by banks b. commercial and industrial loans outstanding c. change in credit for business and consumer

Scenario Analysis

Huang Industries is considering a proposed project whose estimated NPV is $12 million. This estimate assumes that economic conditions will be "average." However, the CFO realizes that conditions could be better or worse, so she performed a scenario analysis and obtained these results: Economic Scenario

Economic indicators and computer hardware industry

Prepare an in-depth analysis on how your forecast [of the indicators Gross Domestic Product, Producer Price Index and Retail Sales (or PC Retail Sales)] will impact the Dynamic Random Access Memory industry. Be sure to include a group of final recommendations/strategic initiatives in your paper.

Pattern of Yield Curve

The following statement was released by the FOMC following its recent meeting on March 21. The Committee, although hopeful for a future of moderate growth with moderating inflation, seems more concerned with the potential inflation threat than with a recession threat The Federal Open Market Committee decided today to keep its

Economics and Management Review Questions

1. When the exponents of a Cobb-Douglas production function sum to more than 1, the function exhibits A. Constant returns B. Increasing returns C. Decreasing returns D. Either increasing or decreasing returns 2. A major advantage of the ___________ production function is that it can be easily transformed into a line

The answer to New Deal

The US was devastated by the Crash of 1929 and the following depression. What policies were enacted during the New Deal contain finance speculation and turbulence?

CPI calculation

Suppose the price index is 100 and a typical basket of goods and services cost $8. Within the basket, you had 4 hamburgers and 3 hot dogs. In 2001 the basket cost $100.00, 2002 the basket costs $175.00, 2003 the basket costs $250.00. Name 4 weaknesses and 4 strengths in the CPI calculation. In addition, if the CPI is imperf


1. (a) What is forecasting? Why is it so important in the management of business firms and other enterprises? (b) What are the different types of forecasting? (c) How can the firm determine the most suitable forecasting method to use? 2. (a)What are qualitative forecasts? What are the most important forms of qualitative fo

18 month forecast of economic indicators

I have to write an essay and don't know what they are looking for. here is my assignment: Prepare an 18 month forecast of the six economic indicators( GDP, CPI, Retail sales, Interest rates, capacity utilization, and the unemployment rate) and analyze the expected impact of these on the automobile manufacturing industry. I u

Feds Budget/Deficit

1) What is the current US Federal Budget is (2006). What are the major categories of expenditures? What has changed since 2005? Why? 2) What is the current US Federal deficit is. How has it changed since 2005? Why? 3) Increases in real GDP are often interpreted as increases in welfare. What are some problems with th

Examining Amazon: E-Commerce Example Problem

What type of market structure does Amazon have? Can any of the economic ratios or indices be applied to Amazon (four-firm concentration ratio, Herfindahl-Hirschman index, Lerner index, Rothschild index)?

unemployment in the Cattle Industry

1. Define unemployment in the cattle Industry. 2. Describe a current status of unemployment in the Cattle Industry. 3. I need a graph illustrating the historical trends on unemployment for the Cattle Industry. The answers need to be related to the indicators and their historical development to the Cattle Industry. Ca

Financial Statement Analysis

Based on the information shown below for Pegasus, Inc.: A. Compute the reported ROA for each portfolio component for 2003 and 2004. B. Compute the mark to market ROA for each portfolio component. C. Explain what the data set forth in A and B suggest about investment performance for 2004 compared with 2003 and which is a

Economics problems- 35 Multiple choice questions on economics

Please see the attached file for full problem description. --- 1. In the long run, a firm is said to be experiencing increasing returns to scale if a 10 percent increase in inputs results in : A. an increase in output from 100 to 120. B. a decrease in output from 100 to 90. C. an increase in output