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Economic indicators and computer hardware industry

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Prepare an in-depth analysis on how your forecast [of the indicators Gross Domestic Product, Producer Price Index and Retail Sales (or PC Retail Sales)] will impact the Dynamic Random Access Memory industry. Be sure to include a group of final recommendations/strategic initiatives in your paper.

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I suggest you use Internet resources to find the opinions of economists on where these indicators are headed. For example, to forecast interest rates, you may find comments such as:

"A solid reading on credit growth will keep the Fed focused on lifting interest rates soon."
"Rates are now at or above neutral and it is much more difficult to be sufficiently confident to have back-to-back moves."
"The Fed may want to see whether the sharp fall in consumer confidence that followed last month's rise was a knee-jerk reaction and they may also want to have a look at the next quarter CPI in which case they could justifiably hold off until the next meeting."
As you can see, there are often conflicting opinions, but if you find enough, you will probably see a trend emerging. Use these to forecast your indicators.

Also keep in mind the relationship between these indicators; you don't want to forecast a falling CPI and higher interest ...

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Economic indicators and computer hardware industry. References, business stategies, sigificance of foreign competition.