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Using the same six economic indicators selected for your Industry Overview Paper, compare and contrast at least two different, two-year forecasts from two separate sources, for each of the six economic indicators. Include an explanation of the differences among the forecasts for each economic indicator and a rationalization for which forecasts you believe are most accurate. How does your chosen forecast effect operational and planning issues in your industry? Defend your opinion

Unemployment rate--
Real GDP--
Inflation Rate--
Interest Rate-
Auto Sales--
Oil and fuel prices-

Need intro and conclusion addressing the above requirements

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Using economic indications to make economic forecasts

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It's generally simpler to create introductions and conclusions after writing the rest of the report. The introduction is designed to create anticipation in the reader. It's often helpful to use an analogy to make the report seem less dry and academic. In this case, one analogy that suggests itself is peering into the future, which is vague and unknown, and using indicators as a way of revealing what the future might hold. So, you could say something like "The future can appear as a black void from which very little can be determined. Economic indicators are beams of light in the darkness, giving us a glimpse into the ...

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