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    Impact of Economic Indicators on Auto Sales Industry

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    Using real GDP, unemployment rate, consumer price index, foreign exchange rate/auto sales, and oil/gas prices, prepare a 1,000 word paper in which you define each of the indicators as related to the auto sales industry, and describe its current status. If possible, present a separate graph for each indicator illustrating the historic trend for each.

    In the paper analyze the relationship among inflation, unemployment, and the business cycle on the auto industry. Then, assess the impact of inflation, unemployment, and the business cycle on the auto industry.

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    //Before writing about the relation between the several economic indicators, firstly we have to understand about the economic indicators and their importance in the economic environment of a country. So, firstly we will write about the economic indicators of the auto sales industry. //

    Impact of Economic Indicators on Auto Sales Industry

    The Auto Sales industry is one of the most important industries in the United States of America. The motor vehicle form the second most important possession of a number of Americans after housing. The American automobile industry employs more than one million Americans. The industry has undergone various changes since the days when the three big motor vehicle corporations I.e. Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler dominated the scene in the United States of America. Now most of the cars and light trucks sold in the United States market are either imported or manufactured by foreign-based manufacturers. The dominance of the "Big Three" is now limited to light trucks only which is also under threat by the foreign brands. This paper discuses the impact of various economic indicators in the USA.

    //Above we have discussed about the meaning of economic indicator and its importance in the industry. Now moving to the next step of the assignment, we will discuss about the various kinds of economic indicators that shape the economic environment of any industry. I am explaining each indicator in detailed manner so that you can understand them in a profound manner. This section will talk about the real GDP and unemployment rate. //

    Real GDP

    The real GDP is very important for calculating general trends in the industry. According to the latest tabulation of real GDP, the total output of the auto sales industry is amounted to $386 billion at a seasonally adjusted annual rate. This sector was much bigger twenty years ago. In the mid 1980s it accounted for 4.1 percent of real GDP.

    After the advent of imported vehicles in the US market, their share is increasing like anything. In terms of GDP, the motor vehicle ...

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