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    current status of the exchange rate

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    Examine the current status on the foreign exchange rate, producer price index- including descriptions of current status and graphs with APA guidelines.
    · describe their current status.
    · In addition, present a separate graph for each indicator illustrating the historic trend for each and explain what you have found

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    If we look at the current status of the exchange rate we can find that the US dollar has depreciated a lot in past 18 months. At present the exchange rate between USD to EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, CHF, RUB, CNY, ZAR and MXN stands at 0.67438, 0.60418, 91.0592, 1.06761, 1.09478, 1.01840, 29.0687, 6.82890, 7.75384 and 13.0488 respectively. This indicates that the demand for the US dollar has gone down in past 18 months. ...

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    The current status of the exchange rate is discussed. A description of current status and graphs are included. Separate graphs are presented to illustrate the historic trends for each. The expert provides references to aid in the understanding of the question.