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Foreign exchange markets

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define each of the six indicators, and describe its current status. In addition, present a separate graph for each indicator illustrating the historic trend for each.

Introduction -
1. Real GDP -
2. Unemployment Rate -
3. Inflation Rate-
4. Interest Rate -

5. Foreign Exchange Rate - 350 words (this section)

6. Producer Price Index (PPI) -
Conclusion -

I am having problems with section 5 - the comapmy is WalMart.

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Foreign exchange markets are the largest financial markets in the world. Daily turnover in the forex markets, as they are commonly called, exceeds 3 trillion dollars every single day (see http://www.bis.org/publ/rpfxf07t.pdf). These markets are considered to be the closest you can get to efficient markets, and most governments and central banks have trouble manipulating these markets to suit their requirements. Forex market changes have a major impact on the balance sheet of firms that have huge exposure to international trade. It becomes particularly relevant in case of a company like ...

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Foreign exchange markets are examined.

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