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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Assessing Profit Potential Using Marginal Analysis

Assess the profit potential using marginal analysis. It is assumed that the toothpaste market is perfectly competitive and the current price of a case of toothpaste is $42.00. CPI has estimated its marginal cost function to base follows: MC =.006Q. 1. The Board would like to know how many cases of toothpaste should be p

Graphing Maximum Total Proft

Show graphically the maximum total profit that the firm of Problem 5 earns if the price of milk (product A) falls to $0.50 while the price of cheese (product B) remain at $1. *Just work on the case of TC=$90. Problem 5 The dairy farm Company, a small producer of milk and cheese, has estimated the quantities of milk and chee

Microsoft's Current Market Conditions

Analyze the current market conditions of Microsoft Corporation. Address the following topics in your analysis: a. Market structure b. Impact of new companies entering the market c. Prices d. Technology e. Productivity (consider the law of diminishing marginal productivity) f. Cost structure 1) Wages and benefits

Applied Economics

1)The following function describes the demand condition for a company that makes caps featuring names of college and professional teams in a variety of sports. Q = 2,000 - 100 P; where Q is cap sales and P is price. a)How many caps could be sold at $12 each? b)What should the price be in order for the company to sell 1,000

Cost Analysis

As vice president for Ambulatory Clinical Services for a small community hospital, you oversee various laboratory operations. To familiarize yourself with costs of operating the ECG (electrocardiography) laboratory, you do some simple breakdown of costs. Aside from equipment costs, you find that: 1. It takes about 15 minutes

Transfer Pricing issues

The Business Situation Two years ago, prior to a major capital-budgeting decision (see Case 4), Robert Burns, the president of Greetings Inc., faced a challenging transfer pricing issue. He knew that Greetings store managers had heard about the ABC study (see Case 2) and that they knew a price increase for framed items

Economics of Health Administration

Cost Benefit Analysis Given the following information: UnitsQ Total Benefit B(Q) Total Cost C(Q) Net Benefits NB(Q) Marginal Benefits MB(Q) Marginal Cost MC(Q) MNB(Q) 100 1200 950 210 40 101 14

Make a Managerial Decision

Describe in economic terms a managerial decision....Should our company hire temporary workers or hire new workers to handle increase demand for our product? Should we buy a new machine or upgrade the old one? What is the optimal level of parts we should order and keep on the shelf? Should we lease or buy a car? Should we rent

Linear Equations

In a college Residence A there are 320 students. In Residence A there are 1720 canned drinks consumed per week. In another residence, Residence B, there are 260 students who consume 1480 canned drinks per week. a.Calculate the linear function (equation) if drink consumption is a linear function of the number of students. b.

Price Discrimination

2. This question is based on Figure 2. a. If the Bijou did not engage in 3rd degree price discrimination, then the price of a ticket would be $______ , there would be _______ kid patrons and ______ adult patrons and total revenue from the sale of tickets would be $_______. b. If the Bijou did engage in 3rd degree price d

Glade Company produces a single product.

Glade Company produces a single product. The costs of producing and selling a single unit of this product at the company's current activity level of 8,600 units per month are: Direct materials $ 3.10 Direct labor $ 4.00 Variable manufacturing overhead $ 1.40 Fixed manufacturing overhead $ 5.25 Variable selling and

Appreciation & Depreciation

1. Show the effect of dollar appreciation and depreciation with the Euro on the price of US exports and imports by updating the table below: R = Euro/$ Domestic Price Jan 01: R = 1.06 Jan 02: R = 1.14 Effect on Exports (X) and Imports (M) U.S. exports: Televisions $1,000 U.S. imports: European cars Euro 25,000

Finance concept

I want to know well about the United States Of America accounting system, here is my concern: why "accrual" accounting is the best practice and why it should be used, what could be the possibly changes that the "accrual" accounting or the "cash basis" could bring into the financial statements.

Variable and Absorption Costing (Accounting)

Please see problem attached CompuDesk, Inc., makes an oak desk specially designed for personal computers. The desk sells for $195. Data for last year's operations follow: Units in beginning inventory 0 Units produced 9,900 Units sold 8,000 Units in ending inventory 1,900 Variable costs per unit: Direct materia

High-Low Method

Speedy Parcel Service operates a fleet of delivery trucks in a large metropolitan area. A careful study by the company's cost analyst has determined that if a truck is driven 131,000 miles during a year, the average operating cost is 12.4 cents per mile. If a truck is driven only 81,000 miles during a year, the average operating

Units Produced and Sold

Problem Attached. Note: Problem is accounting related. A partially completed schedule of the company's total and per unit costs over a relevant range of 70,000 to 110,000 units produced and sold each year is given. Complete the schedule of the company's total and unit costs below. (Round the "total costs" to the nearest

Economic Development Implications

A. What is a enterprise zones and explain the utilization of these zones by your chosen government and the state within which the government exists. b. Explain how the enterprise zones could be used to enhance the economic development implications of your policy issue. c. How can I perform a cost-benefit analysis of an econo

Microeconomics paper

I have never had to use this before, but I am running into dead ends.Please help me. I am working on a essay from questions for school and I need a little help. I have answered most of my paper, but I have 4 that I need help with. I have chosen Wal-Mart as the company to use in my paper. 1) Is this company operating in a perf

Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenues

Problem 1 Given the following total-revenue function: TR=9Q-Q(2) A)Derive the total, average, and marginal revenue schedules from Q=0 to Q=6 by 1's B)On the same set of axes, plot the total , average, and marginal-revenue schedules of part (a) c) Then draw on the same set of axes the marginal-revenue curve derived in p

A relation known with certainty is called a

Hi. Please find some multiple choice. Question 1 A relation known with certainty is called a: 1. statistical relation 2. multiple regression 3. deterministic relation 4. simple regression Question 2 Statistical analysis of economic relations focuses on the es

Fixed costs of the monopolist

2) A monopolist faces the following demand function for its product: Q = 45 - 5P The fixed costs of the monopolist are $12 and the monopolist incurs variable costs of $5.00 per unit. a) What is the profit-maximizing level of price and quantity for this monopolist? What will profits be at this price and output level? b)

Gordon Food Service Analysis

Need help with Gordon Food Service Price analysis 250 word paper based off the attached document following refined topical areas: a. Final recommendations 1) Price - 250 WORDS ONLY FOR THIS SECTION. 2) Production 3) Composition of inputs b. In your paper, address the following questions: 1)

Interest rate and probability

Suppose a bank is faced with two types of borrowers (a high risk borrower that should be charged an interest rate of 9% and a low risk borrower that should be charged an interest rate of 4%). There is a 30% chance of getting a high risk borrower and a 70% chance of getting a low risk one. What is the expected interest rate tha

Net Present Value Analysis

NPV Analysis. Dallas Legal Services, Inc., is contemplating the purchase of additional computer hardware equipment and software programming. Financial analysis resulted in the following projections for a three-year planning horizon: Hard

Net Present Value

The following is a list of four projects that Capital Corporation must choose from for the coming year: Project Project Price Annual Net Inflows A 700,000 118,861 B 670,000 109,039 C 184,000 32,549 D 273,000 48,305 1. Given a uniform rate of interest of 9% and a uniform life of the projects of 10 years each, calculat