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Analysis of the Poultry Industry

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Prepare an analytical report about the Poultry industry. The analysis must include application of various and appropriate economic concepts. Analyze the competitive position of 5 or more different firms within this industry â?" [Pilgrims Pride Inc., Tysonâ??s Foods, Fieldale Inc, Koch Foods and Marjac Foods.] NBâ?¦analysis must be done at industry level and should include charts, graphs or figures on which â?? speak for themselvesâ? and present all of the key information with no further explanation required.

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// In this paper we are going to discuss about the present position of poultry industry in the market of United States. After analyzing this, we will discuss about the five company's competitive position who are working in the same industry in the country. //

The market for poultry industry in United States is very good. There are large number of persons who eat eggs and the food items that are manufactured of the poultry products. The demand for poultry products is increasing day by day in the country, as the population of country is increasing. Poultry industry comes under the agriculture industry and it is a very important part of it. In the US market, poultry industry is witnessing a rapid growth in the recent times. As the income of consumers is increasing in the country, it results in high income elasticity of demand for farm and poultry products in the ...

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