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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Economic Causes and Costs of World War I

Provide an analysis of the economic/political causes of World War I. The response is 1000 words and includes references cited. It is a study guide that will help students to further research the topic.

Managerial Economics

The Production Function for Wilson Company Economists at the Wilson Company are interested in developing a production function for fertilizer plants. They collected data on 15 different plants that produce fertilizer (see the following page). Questions 1. Estimate the Cobb-Douglas production function Q= αL^β 1K_2^β, wh

GE Oil & Gas Financial Analysis

I need a Financial Analysis on GE Oil&Gas. Identify internal strengths and weaknesses. For example, does GE have good or bad cash flow, liquidity, and debt position? How does that compare with their competitors? What capital & cash flow would be required for my strategy?


COST STRCTURE and PRICING: Sting Ray PoolVac, Inc. manufactures and sells a single product called the "Sting Ray," which is a patent-protected automatic cleaning device for swimming pools. PoolVac's Sting Ray faces its closest competitor, Howard Industries, also selling a competing pool cleaner. Using the last 26 quarters of p

Should this Firm Build a Factory?

Question: Assume that a firm is considering building a factory that will cost $5 million. It believes that it can get a profit from this factory of $600,000 per year for many years. The interest rate at which the firm can borrow money is 15 percent. After evaluating whether it should build the factory, the firm decides that it s

Costs, Dividends, Shares, and Cash

From the following data, calculate the Retained Earnings balance as of December 31, 2013: Retained earnings, December 31, 2014 ............................................................................... $ 245,200 Net decrease in total assets during 2014 ....................................................................

Dynamic Pricing Benefits & Drawbacks

Select a company that uses or has used dynamic pricing, and respond to the following questions: 1. What is the definition of dynamic pricing? 2. How does the company you have chosen use dynamic pricing? 3. What are the benefits and drawbacks of dynamic pricing for that particular company? 4. Summarize your find

Purchasing state parks

A state legislature has appropriated $15 million to purchase and prepare the property for several new state parks. Alternatives have been suggested and forecasts for acquisition, preparation and annual operating costs have been estimated and listed below for each alternative. Also listed are the forecasted annual benefits to the

Government financial actions: ethical or unethical

Is it ethical for a government to act in ways that socialize financial risks or losses? Is it ethical to do so while privatizing gain/profits? Or to do so in ways that favor wealthier citizens while imposing risk on less wealthy taxpayers (or vice versa)? Or that create moral hazards? Why or why not? Are these social goals that

Project value analysis

Scenario The board liked the analysis you did on valuation and agreed to proceed with the expansion plan. Your CFO, investment bankers, and consultants have all been working on the cost and benefits of various expansion options. They have agreed on an option that will see simultaneous expansion into five domestic markets (Chi

Benefit Cost Ratio Analysis

Solutions are provided for questions given below. See the attached file. Using benefit-cost ratio analysis, determine which one of the three mutually exclusive alternatives should be selected. Each alternative has a 6-year useful life. Assume a 10% MARR. A

Capital Budgeting and Investment Decisions

What types of decisions would need to be made before the investment is made, and what are the main kinds of information/data needed in order to evaluate a capital investment project?

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Suppose a firm faces the total benefit function: B(Q) = 18Q - Q^2 and the total cost function: C(Q) = 2 - 2Q +Q^2 a. What quantity should the firm select? b. What is the amount of total benefits, total costs and total net benefits at the selected quantity? c. If the first term in the cost equation changed from 2 to 5

This post addresses crime and cost benefit analysis.

1.) Rational Choice theorists argue that would-be criminals make the decision to commit crimes based on a cost-benefit analysis. Do you agree with this school of thought? Why? 2.) Assuming that you agree with the thinking of rational theorists, what cost-benefit factors would an individual contemplating the following crimes c

Cost Theory Calculations

During the last few days the Company ABC has been running into problems with its computer system. The last run of the production cost schedule resulted in the incomplete listing shown below. From your knowledge of cost theory, fill in the blanks. Q TC TFC TVC ATC AFC AVC MC 0 40 _____

This posting addresses marginal benefits and marginal costs.

Marginal benefits and marginal costs A. Capture the way total benefits and total costs change as the amount of an activity changes just a little bit B. Are constant, regardless of the amount of an activity that is pursued C. Tend to increase as a decision maker does more of an activity D. Tend to increase as a decision ma


A city has learned that by buying garbage trucks, labor costs for garbage removal would be reduced. You, the analyst, have also collected the following information: Cost of the trucks today is $400,000 Annual savings in this year's constant dollars is $90,000 Trucks will last for four years, then will be sold for $100,000

First fundamental proposition of marginal reasoning

A program for patrolling a U.S region for illicit activities using aircraft is being assessed. An associated estimate of the total economic benefits of the interdiction vs. the number of patrol aircraft is shown below. Apply the first fundamental proposition of marginal reasoning to determine the optimal number of patrol aircr

Cost-Benefit Analysis

1. Pricing ATM Machines: A bank in a medium-sized Midwestern city, Firm X, currently charges $1 per transaction at its ATMs. To determine whether to raise price, the bank managers experimented with a number of higher prices (in 25 cent increments) at selected ATMs: Fee # of Transactions $2.00 1000 $1.75 1500 $1.5

Multiple Choice Questions

I need assistance with the following questions: 2. Suppose a welfare recipient is given a cash grant that increases his monthly income. That grant will never be taken away no matter how much the recipient earns. The grant will result in a (n): a. substitution effect favorable to work. b. substitution effect unfavorable to

NPV & Real Options

The cash flows are $8.5 million at the end of year 1, end of year 2, etc., "forever". An ordinary perpetuity assumes payment at the end of the year, so the $85 million does not need further discounting -- we're evaluating everything as of "today".

Cost types are examined.

1. What marginal costs do Universities incur by offering more than one of the same classes? What marginal revenues do Universities earn from each additional class? How would you expect this marginal analysis to affect the volume of classes the Universities offers? Does Universities maximize profits? 2. How would you describe

Analysis of Economic Measures

Could you please help me to identify 10 important economic measures (e.g. CPI) or areas (e.g. inflation using two or three indications) that best describes the current state of the U.S. economy. There needs to be an analysis of each and focusing on its importance, what it says about the current state of the economy and the lates

American Enterprise Institute

One study completed for the American Enterprise Institute estimated the cost per life saved in several programs supported or mandated by the government. The following results were reported: estimates of cost per life saved recommended for cost-benefit analysis by the national safety council for traffic safety

Market Trends

Market Trends Paper describe market trends that your selected organization/industry will face. Explain your conclusions. a.Market structure b.Impact of new companies entering the market c.Prices d.Technology e.Productivity (consider the law of diminishing marginal productivity) f.Cost structure 1)Wages and ben

Mathematics: Security Guards and Stolen Radios

Question: Twenty-first Century Electronics has discovered a theft problem at its warehouse and has decided to hire security guards. The firm wants to hire the optimal number of security guards. The following table shows how the number of security guards affects the number of guards affects the number of radios stolen per week.

Brief summary of article

Hello please see website below on an article that is entitled: Global Accounting Convergence and the Potential Adoption of IFRS by the U.S. (Part I): Conceptual Underpinnings and Economic Analysis Luzi Hail, Christian Leuz, and PeterWysocki I*X0w

Analysis of the Poultry Industry

Prepare an analytical report about the Poultry industry. The analysis must include application of various and appropriate economic concepts. Analyze the competitive position of 5 or more different firms within this industry â?" [Pilgrims Pride Inc., Tysonâ??s Foods, Fieldale Inc, Koch Foods and Marjac Foods.] NBâ?¦analysis