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    Cost-Benefit Analysis

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    Mandatory recylcing

    In a 2001 New York Times article discussing the costs and benefits of mandatory recycling in New York, the author listed as the first benefit the creation of approximately 1000 private sector jobs. Discuss the logic of this statement.

    How could government make a choice between two health effects?

    How could government make a choice between two health effects? For instance, eliminating mosquitoes may end a nuisance and help prevent some diseases. To eliminate mosquitoes may require spraying a city with a toxic chemical, or using a chemical in lakes and streams that could have a biological effect. Is there such a thing as

    Managerial Economics

    Question 2 A doctor spent two weeks doing charity medical work in Mexico. In calculating her taxable income for the year, her accountant deducted as business expenses her round-trip airline ticket, meals, and hotel bill for the two-week stay. She was surprised to learn that the accountant, following IRS rules, could no deduct a

    GDP on housing and employment

    Summation of the main points with explanation to get a better grasp of what it is trying to say. Real gross domestic product (GDP) After rising at an 8.2 percent annual rate in the third quarter of 2003, the fastest in almost 20 years, real gross domestic product (GDP) continued to increase in the fourth quarter, up at a

    Slopes between adjacent dots

    Colin beleives that the number of job offers he will get depends on the number of courses in which his grade is B+ or better. He concludes from observation that the following figures are typical: Number of grades of B+ or better 0 1 2 3 4 Number of job offers 1 3 4 5 6 Put these numbers into a gra

    Global Business Strategy/Regional Paper/Kenya, Africa

    Analyse the role of regional integration in promoting global business of Kenya, Africa. Can you please discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the regional integration (NAFTA, EU, APEC, ASEAN, CAFTA, etc.). Compare and contrast the economic development stages of countries within Kenya, Africa and the ramification

    Equity Beta

    North Pole Fishing Equipment Corporation and South Pole Fishing Equipment Corporation would have identical equity betas of 1.2 if both of them were all-equity financed. The capital structures of the two firms are as follows: North Pole South Pole Debt $1,000,000 $1,500,000 Equity $1,500,000 $1,000,000 Th

    Economics Engineering

    1) Consider the following estimates, and use an interest rate of 10% per year. The equivalent annual worth of alternative A is closest to: A) $-25,130 B) $-37,100 C) $-41,500 D) $-42,900 2) Consider the following estimates, and use an interest rate of 10% per year. The equivalent annual worth of alternative B is closest

    Predicted Profits

    Predicted Profits Details: Con Agra's 2000 income statement showed the following, (in millions) Net Sales - $25,386 Costs of goods sold - 21,206 Selling, administrative & general purpose expenses - 2,888 Interest expense - 303 Income before income tax and non-recurring charges - 989 Suppose the cost of goods

    Culture, risk analysis, and strategy formulation in global business

    What is the study of culture and why is so important to global business? Please give examples of important areas of cultural study, which organizations must focus upon when deciding to go global. Why is a risk analysis so important? In your opinion, which factors of the risk analysis carry more weight than others?

    Economics of internet

    You are the Chief Economist of the FCC. The Chairman has called you in to discuss a thorny issue. Two wireless broadcasters operate on adjacent frequencies. Operator A, complying with FCC rules, installs a new low-powered cellular architecture for its radio service at a cost of $1 billion to replace its old single high powere

    Cost benefit Analysis for public projects

    Attached are two problems that I can't figure out. They are not for homework but my instructor said that it would be helpful to understand them in preparation for the final. If you have time, please work 12.7 and 12.8 and show me how you did them. The text is fundamentals of engineering economics (Chan S. Park). Thank you.

    Project Cash Flow Analysis

    Please verify that I did the problem correctly. If I didn't, please show me how to do it. Image a is the expected after-tax cash flow for a project and the expected annual general inflaction rate during the project period. Thank you.

    Calculating IIR with a non-simple cash flow

    Attached are two images of two problems and my two solutions. I feel fairly comfortable with 7-11 but would like you to double check it. 7-13 does not have a good example in the book. I did a present worth calculation and solved for i - it was a quadratic equation. However, I get 0% and 50% as my answer. This is counter-int

    Calculate Rate of Return

    Solve for i* (rate of return) Net Cash Flow Project A: -18000, +10000, +20000, +30000 Project B: -20000, 32000, 32000, -22000 Project C: +34578, -18000, -18000, -18000 Project D: -56500, -2500, -6495, -78345 Project Z: -100, 60, 900 (assuming 1st # is n=0, then n=1... n=3)

    Financial Statement Analysis/Accounting

    Exhibit I below contains the pension plan disclosures of Norfolk Southern Railroad. Use the information contained in this exhibit to answer the following questions: Calculate each of the following a) Recurring pension cost b) Gross pension cost c) Non-smoothed pension cost. d) Funded Status of the Plan

    Summary of cost benefit analysis

    Subject: patents (cost/benefits) Details: If patents permit firms to set P>MC (P might be ten times MC or in extreme cases even 100xMC), this implies very large ?gross margins?- in accounting terms the spread between sales revenues and the cost of goods sold, before allowances for contributions to fixed costs and other costs n

    Depreciation (straight line , sum of years digits and MACRS) ; Investment Appraisal (Present Worth Analysis, Annual Cash Flow Analysism Rate of Retun Analyis, Future Worth Analyis, Benefit-Cost ratio analyis)

    This two problems MUST be done in excel format. Please include explanation 1. Office equipment whose initial cost is $100,000 has an estimate actual life of 6 years , with an estimated salvage value of $10,000. Prepare tables listing the annual cost of depreciation and the book value at the end of each 6 years , based on

    Applying Net Present Value

    1. Compare the economics of the two following service producing alternatives. Use present worth analysis and incremental analysis. Use NPV at i* = 15% and confirm your answer by calculating the ROR. All numbers are in 1000 of dollars. Alternative A C=200 OC=220 OC=220 OC=220 OC=220 L=50 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Ye

    Cost Benefit Analysis

    (2) A company can manufacture a product with two different machines. Machine "A" has a $4.00 manufacturing cost per unit and a fixed cost of $3,000 for tools. Machine B costs $45,000 to purchase and has a $0.50 manufacturing cost per unit. With an annual anticipated volume of 7,000 units. The break-even point, in years, is most

    Economic Appraisal of a Project

    I wanted to know if I am proceeding correctly with the analysis of the attached project especially with regard to the questions highlighted in yellow. I feel that I am making too many mistakes in the calculations. Please see the attached documents. Thank you.

    Finding the efficient level of abatement

    Given a table of info with level of abatement in percent, total cost in dollars, and total benefit in dollars how do you identitfy what the most efficient level of abatement is by general economic criteria? with this data how do you perform the cost benefit test to tell if at a given percentage level abatement is effiecient?

    Conventional & Modified Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)

    LA Transportation is considering investing in new buses. The first cost of these new buses is $20 million. This cost will be spread equally over a 4-year period and paid at the beginning of the first year. These new buses will bring in initial revenue of $2.5 million, and revenue will increase by $0.75 million each year till the

    Bonus plan/benefits vs. costs

    Your company currently has a bonus plan for its sales managers. If annual sales for a manager's unit exceed $1 million, the manager receives a $10,000 bonus. In a typical year, about 5 of the 10 managers in the firm meet the target and receive the bonus. However, the number receiving the bonus varies from year to year due to

    Cost Benefit Analysis of Purchasing Life Insurance


    Use a AA-DD diagrammatic analysis? And other questions..

    Use the AA-DD diagrammatic analysis to perform the following. Assume a flexible exchange rate regime. Label your graphs and your changes clearly. a)Compare the short-run impacts if a permanent increase in money supply versus a permanent tax cut. Keep in mind that a permanent policy alters people's expectations, which in tu