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financial statement analysis

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Exhibit I below contains the pension plan disclosures of Norfolk Southern Railroad. Use the information contained in this exhibit to answer the following questions:

Calculate each of the following

a) Recurring pension cost
b) Gross pension cost
c) Non-smoothed pension cost.
d) Funded Status of the Plan

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The recurring pension costs consists of two components:
Service cost - present value of pension benefit earned b employees, and
Interest cost - Increase in projected benefit obligtion arising when pension payment are to be made, computed by multiplying beginning period PBO by the discount rate.

In case of 2003 the sum of pension and interest cost from the problem is (20 +89) = 109. If we take the 6.25% discount factor that is 0.94344 and multiply it by 109 we get 102.83.
In case of 2002 the sum of pension and interest cost from the problem is (17 + 91) = 108. If we take the 7.25% discount factor that is 0.87044 and multiply it by 108we get 94.00.
In case of 2001 the sum of pension and interest cost from the problem is (15 +94 ) = 109. If we take the 7.50 % discount factor that is 0.8043 and multiply it by 109 we get 87.67.
If we total these three figures we get 284.51.
Please note that I have done this manually using tables, so as to explain it to you, in the exam it will be easier to do ...

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This job examines financial statement analysis.

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