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    Modern Quantum Theory

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    Weigh Out, Precipitate, and Electron Problems

    40) A student wishes to repair 2.00 liters of 0.100 M KlO3 (molecular mass 214). The proper procedure is to weigh out: a) 42.8 grams of KIO3 and add 2.00 kilograms of H2O a) 42.8 grams of KIO3 and add H2O until the final homogeneous solution has the volume of 2.00 liters b) 21.4 grams of KIO3 and add H2O until the final homog

    Evaluating Statements on Quantum Mechanics

    Which of the following are true statements? a) The orbital energy of any atomic species depends on factors other than the principle quantum number n. b) Any given energy level in H is more stable than the same level in H+. c) The ionization energy of Li+ is about equal to the ionization level of He. d) The ioniza

    Orbitals and Quantum number

    What is the total number of p electrons in a single (ground state) P atom? Electron configuration of P is [Ne]3s2 3p3

    Bohr's Model Type of Equation

    One of the hydrogen emission lines has a wavelength of 486.0 nm. Identify the values for n-initial and n-final for the transition giving rise to this line. (Enter as two integers, separated by a comma: e.g. 2,1 or 3,2 etc.) c:3.00E8 m/s h:6.63E-34Js R:2.18E-18J Please could you explain how you got the nfinal and the n