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    Bohr's Model Type of Equation

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    One of the hydrogen emission lines has a wavelength of 486.0 nm.
    Identify the values for n-initial and n-final for the transition giving rise to this line. (Enter as two integers, separated by a comma: e.g. 2,1 or 3,2 etc.)

    c:3.00E8 m/s

    Please could you explain how you got the nfinal and the n integer?

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    1/lambda = R*((1/n1^2) - (1/n2^2))
    where, R = Rydberg constant = 1.09678 *10^7 /m
    lambda = 486.0 nm = 486 *10^(-9) m
    => ...

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    The solution describes how to obtain the n-final and n-initial values from a hydrogen emission spectrum with step-by-step calculations.