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    Atomic Term Symbols

    57 Pages | 8,735 Words

    This book describes the calculation of atomic term symbols. The term symbols for s, p, and d orbitals are calculated for a number of individual and mixed electron configurations. The selection rules for allowed transitions between energy states and a method of determining ground states for each configuration are described. Review problems with solutions are provided.

    This book is ideal for junior or senior chemistry and physics majors who are taking physical chemistry or inorganic chemistry.

    An Introduction to Atomic Term Symbols

    To interpret spectra, scientists attempt to determine allowed transitions between different energy states. Atomic spectra of atoms and visible spectra of complexes are interpreted using atomic term symbols. Most textbooks do not include a detailed calculation of the term symbols but instead give just the final results for a few configurations. This book will help upper division chemistry and physics students understand term symbol calculations for both individual and mixed electron configurations as it details both the end results and the calculations to obtain them.