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Evaluating Statements on Quantum Mechanics

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Which of the following are true statements?

a) The orbital energy of any atomic species depends on factors other than the principle quantum number n.

b) Any given energy level in H is more stable than the same level in H+.

c) The ionization energy of Li+ is about equal to the ionization level of He.

d) The ionization energy of Li+ is much greater than the ionization energy of Li.

e) Z eff of Li+ should be less than +3 but greater than +1.

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Answer - The true statements are: a, d. Please read my reasoning for this below:

a.) Because orbital energy also depends on ...

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The following solution is comprised of not only the correct answers, but also the reasoning required to understand why these statements based on the concepts of ionization energy and energy levels, are classified as true or not. This response is about 50 words.