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    Quantum Mechanics and Galileo's Influence

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    1. Which do you consider to represent the greatest advancement: Quantum mechanics or discovering the shape of the DNA molecule--- and why?

    2. Contrast the differences of the pre-Galileo concept of the universe and the Galilean concept. Discuss some of the impediments (and dangers) in the promulgation of his theories? Discuss any similarities in the problems Galileo faced with advocating such radical change in the corporate world.

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    1). Simply put, quantum mechanics would definitely be the more greatest advancement compared to the discovering of the DNA molecule. Quantum mechanics is the study of matter and radiation at the atomic level.

    In the early 20th century some experiments produced results which could not be explained by classical physics (the science developed by Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, etc.). For instance, it was well known that electrons orbited the nucleus of an atom. However, if they did so in a manner which resembled the planets orbiting the sun, classical physics predicted that the electrons would spiral in and crash into the nucleus within a fraction of a second. Chemistry depends upon the interaction of the electrons in atoms, and life depends upon chemistry. This is where the fact that without quantum mechanics, the discovery of the DNA molecule may not have been possible.

    These laws of quantum mechanics refuted the idea of genetics and biochemistry. Not much heard of until the end of the century, Mendel's discovery gained great importance at the ...

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