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Warrant Pricing

Public Investing Ratios

How do you attract investors with ratios when the normal public does not know anything about ratios? What are ways to illustrate these ratios?

Stock Pricing - Crunchy Chicken

Crunchy Chicken is launching an IPO. They are concerned about how to price the stock. Their investment bank suggests a price of $20 given their performance over the past 2 years. The Crunchy Chicken company paid a dividend of $1.25 per share in the next year. They anticipate that the company will continue to grow at a consta

Transfer Pricing

See attached, have general idea of costing, need assistance with verification of costs and determining consideration issues listed. M10 - 2 Transfer Pricing Smith Company has two divisions, Division A and Division B. Division A currently sells components to Division B for $10 per unit. The cost of Division A to

Cost Approaches to Pricing

Nathan and Kylie Morse have invested $500000 in N&K's Place. Their projected costs and activities are as follow: Variable costs 60% Monthly fixed costs $30,000 Monthly covers sold 10000 Average tax rate 20% 1. What must the average food service check be to break even? 2. If a monthly profit of

Risk: Seat Pricing on an Airline

Prior to 1978, civil aviation in the United States was regulated by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), and route and fare changes took quite a bit of time. The 1978 Airline Deregulation Act gave airlines the freedom to enter or exit routes and alter fares at will. One immediate result of deregulation was the proliferation of "

Purpose of Pricing Plans

AT&T offers a menu of pricing plans. Plans with higher monthly charges include a larger number of "free minutes." What is the purpose of this menu.

Pricing Methods - Going-Rate/Competition

A former co-worker now represents a company that manufactures a new type of laboratory-made gemstone, called ZC, which is similar to, but better than, cubic zirconia. These gemstones are used in rings, pendant type necklaces, bracelets and pins which your firm designs. While they have begun to sell their ZC jewelry to selected s

Differential Analysis and Product Pricing

23-3 A condensed income statement by product line for Nordic Beverage Inc. indicated the following for Diet Kola for the past year. Sales $486,000 Cost of Goods Sold 258,000 Gross Profit $228,000 Operating expenses 260,000 Loss from operations $ (32,0

Transfer Pricing & Strategy

Determine whether the Cole Division should sell motors to the Diamond Division at the prevailing market price, or accept the Wales Company contract. Support with appropriate calculations. Robert Products Inc. consists of three decentralized divisions: Bayside Division, Cole Division, and Diamond Division. The president of R

Product pricing: Total cost, product cost and variable cost concepts

Display Labs Inc. recently began production of a new product, flat panel displays, which required the investment of $2,500,000 in asests. The costs of producing and selling 25,000 units of flat panel displays are estimated as follows: Variable cost per unit: Fixed Cost: Direct mat

Greetings Inc. Swims in the Dot-com Sea: Transfer Pricing Issues

The attached file contains detailed information about my question. Please read "the business situation", and then complete all of three questions. --- Greetings Inc. Swims in the Dot-com Sea: Transfer Pricing Issues The Business Situation Two years ago, prior to a major capital-budgeting decision, Robert Burns, the pr

Future Pricing - Question

For Futures, what are the pricing relationships or what are the 3 different models for pricing futures?

Costing, pricing

A Fortune 100 company, Caterpillar is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines. Caterpillar also manufactures custom piston pins for other manufacturers in the same facility used to make pins for its own heavy duty engines. Piston pins are

Decision analysis

Question 1 Background The New Brunswick Company is a midsized subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, which manufacturers various textile and similar ma¬terial composites. Sales are made to affiliate companies within the Sun Corporation, as well as to external companies. Approxi¬mately one-half of New Brunswick's sales are to a

Transfer Pricing

I am a little confused with the transfer pricing in this case study. How do you find what the right transfer price is? Questions: Should the transfer be made? Assume the transfer should be made. At what transfer price? (See attached file for full problem description)

Pricing Decision and Investment Evaluations

Managers should base pricing decisions on both cost and market factors. In addition, they must also consider legal issues. Describe the influence that the law has on pricing decision. "It is impossible to use DCF (Discounted cash flow) methods for evaluating investments in research and development. There are no cost savings t