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    International Business Risk

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    Research paper: Franchising

    The Writing Process How should you approach this paper? Laws are society's attempt to solve its problems. You could explore a topic through research, identify a problem (harassment, crime, scams on the internet, etc), discuss solutions, and evaluate the solutions to see if they are effective. Make suggestions of your own. I w

    International Financial Management at Microsoft Corporation

    Assist with writing a paper about the international financial manager at the Microsoft Corporation. This is the individual who is in charge of international financial management at Microsoft Corporation. Also describe the position held in the firm. What is his or her background? Discuss his or her approach to managing foreig

    Issues to be researched for a domestic bank to become an international bank

    You are the senior vice president in charge of strategy and implementation. You have been approached by the CEO of your bank to start investigating the issues involved in expanding what right now is just a domestic bank to an international one. Explain some of the issues that needs to be investigated. â?¢What do you need t

    Hedging Strategy and Foreign Exchange Risks

    1. What is the basic translation hedging strategy? How does it work? 2. MNCs can always reduce the foreign exchange risk faced by their foreign affiliates by borrowing in the local currency. True or false? Why? 3. Explain why FASB 133 is 'one of the most complex FASB standards'. Please explain in detail.

    Computer Associates: Major change in business model, goals

    Case Study: Computer Associates International Inc.: Governance and Investor Communication Challenge Computer Associates has undertaken a major change in its business model, followed more conservative financial reporting, and improved its corporate governance. Despite these changes, the company has taken a beating: (i) It h

    International Business Example Questions

    1) Define Political Factors a company may face outside of its home market. 2) In what way do political factors affect companies outside of their home market? 3) Define political risk. 4) What are some political risk associated with companies doing business outside of their home market?

    Global Capital Markets of China

    Week 3 Assignment Global Capital Markets Read Closing Case: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China at the end of chapter 11 in your text. • Why did ICBC feel it was necessary to issue equity in markets outside of China? What are the advantages of such a move? Can you see any disadvantages? • What was the attra

    This posting looks into international logistics, risk and insurance. It especially deals with aspects of losses within international business settings from a freight perspective.

    International Logistics, Risk and Insurance: How does actual total loss differ from constructive total loss? What is general average loss? You receive compensation from a maritime insurance company because your goods were jettisoned from a ship as a general average act. Does the insurance company have a claim for general aver

    First Mover Advantage and 6 Modes of Entry

    Explain the First Mover Advantage and the six modes of entry into foreign markets. Identify a foreign market that you will be entering. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Identify the best market entry strategy that you will be using for the foreign market of your choice.

    Weekly International Finance Questions

    Could you provide your feedback to these International Finance questions? Please provide your feedback within 200 words or less. Thank you. 1. In the 1990s it became popular to reduce cash balances as low as possible. In fact some companies boasted they actually ran on a negative cash basis. In other words, their cash on t

    Companies Complying with China Terms in the Market

    For many global companies, China represents a very attractive market in terms of size and growth rate. Yet, it ranks lower in terms of economic freedom and higher in political risk than other countries' markets because it has a communist government. Despite these risks, many popular and reputable companies have established manuf

    Content Analysis Article Conducted

    Select a suitable published article and conduct a limited Content Analysis of this. The article could be a transcript of a speech or interview from a market leader, a company report or even a newspaper or trade journal/magazine article. You can choose the topic of the article and the source although it is preferable that this is

    Analysis of an international marketing environment

    Introduction This case analysis is designed to encourage you to conduct an analysis of an international marketing environment. Case Assignment Adopt the role of a marketing manager for multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer Glaxo-Welcom. Your firm faces pressures to provide drugs for free. Assess the economic risks fo

    Expanding a brand internationally

    HYPOTHETICAL CASE SCENARIO The Real Madrid Futbol Club is thinking about expanding its brand in the United States to build youth soccer academies and a professional franchise team, a soccer-specific stadium that will host league matches, international matches, concerts and other family entertainment operations. They are cons

    Advantages and disadvantages of establishing a firm in Brazil

    NTG's business, a toy-exporting company, continues to grow. Its primary products are the wooden children's toys it produces and exports to a distributor in Brazil. However, its recent joint venture with a Brazilian firm has also been successful. Under this arrangement, a Brazilian firm produces other toys for NTG; these toys are

    Analysis for the annual report - a multinational corporation

    Can you help me get started with this project? Obtain the annual report of a multinational corporation (MNC) that interests you. Use the annual report and other information you may gather to report on the following Summarize any comments made in the annual report about - the MNC's level of international operations (s

    PPQ Parts: Report to management team regarding foreign expansion for MNC

    PPQ Parts has determined that for the company to expand globally over the next several years, its managers must be properly trained in multiculturalism and diversity management. PPQ Parts executives must be aware of any political and economic concerns that may arise during the expansion. Write a report for the senior managem

    PPQ Parts Global Expansion: Political and Economic Concerns

    PPQ Parts has determined that for the company to expand globally over the next several years, its managers must be properly trained in multiculturalism and diversity management. PPQ Parts executives must be aware of any political and economic concerns that may arise during the expansion. Using the library, course materials,

    Global Financial Management: Managing operating exposure and FX risk at Nissan

    See the attached file. Managing operating exposure and FX risk at Nissan. Global businesses are often exposed to financial risks such as currency volatility. These foreign exchange (FX) risks affect all aspects of a global firm. Next, you will read about the automobile industry. Auto makers' operations and manufacturing ca

    PPQ Parts: Political and Economic Concerns for Global Expansion

    Consider the following scenario: PPQ Parts has determined that for the company to expand globally over the next several years, its managers must be properly trained in multiculturalism and diversity management. PPQ Parts executives must be aware of any political and economic concerns that may arise during the expansion.

    Finance: Recommend capital structures for Mattel, Clorox, MGM Resorts

    Consider three companies: Mattel, Clorox, and MGM Resorts International. Reflect on the nature of the business of these three companies. You are recommended to also get to the web site of one company in each of these categories. You might also check what the beta of each of these companies is. What would you recommend should

    Raising Capital in the Global Economy: US markets, ADRs

    Case Assignment Background Despite the global financial crisis foreign companies tend to find it worthwhile to have their shares listed on one of the American stock exchanges. Having a listing brings access to more capital as well as increased prestige. However, there are many hurdles and difficulties involved in getti

    Articles review: Impact of Culture on International Business

    See attached files. Few jobs require the kind of cultural sensitivity as the job of the international trainer. Large numbers of American business people travel the world training business people in everything from management techniques and computers, to human resource management and ethics. But what works in the domestic tr