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International Corporation

For the most part, this course is designed to focus on publicly held, U.S. based for profit corporations (therefore subject to SEC regulation) which have an international presence (raising global implications). It is recommended to choose an organization from the outset which fits that criteria.

According to the syllabus, "You need not stick with the organization or industry you choose during week three for the entirety of the course. However, if you do so, much of your research will build upon prior week's work." The instructor explains for instance, in researching a multinational insurance company, " you may run across information which is not useful in week three, but which be a useful resource for your week seven paper."

The following attachment is one of three assignments. Please provide an explanation of what this process will be about moving forward.

The Assignment:

Select a company or recent piece of public policy to complete an assignment on ethical considerations in the current business environment.

Research changes in the company or policy. Determine how they were influenced by the recession and assess the ethical issues related to the decisions made by the company and or policymakers.

Research Statements of Ethics for various business and political groups.

Assume the role of a senior staff member of the chosen company or policy making group and consider the following scenario:

? Starting in 2007, the United States economy fell into a large-scale recession due to a lack of liquidity in the US banking system related to the collapse of a global real estate bubble. Significant risk has caused government and business leaders to review legal and ethical issues related to financial and business practices. As a senior staff member at the chosen company or policymaking group, you are assigned the task of analyzing the influences of ethics and legal exposure to the organization and providing advice to the management.

Create a Statement of Ethics in which you provide an outline of the organizations ideals as well as the rules to which employees are expected to adhere for your chosen company or policymaking group.

Write a response to the CEO or President of your chosen organization or leader of your chosen policymaking group.

? Describe the process by which this Statement of Ethics should be reviewed and revised.

? Consider the public nature of this document and how it might be received by stakeholders, competitors and other interested parties.

? Consider management hierarchies and how this information is to be disseminated through your chosen organization and to the public.

? Support your choice and the advice given with findings from your readings and research.

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You need to choose a "publicly held, U.S. based for profit corporations (therefore subject to SEC regulation) which have an international presence". Any international company that's based in the US would work. Starbucks would be a good choice.

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