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International Financial Management at Microsoft Corporation

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Assist with writing a paper about the international financial manager at the Microsoft Corporation. This is the individual who is in charge of international financial management at Microsoft Corporation. Also describe the position held in the firm.

What is his or her background?
Discuss his or her approach to managing foreign risks. Give examples.


Identify and provide a profile of the international finance office of Microsoft Corporation.
Research and provide illustrations of how your firm manages international finance and FX risk.
List supporting references and cite sources.

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International Business:

Microsoft Company deals in the development of software products and computing devices. The company also licenses the commodities that it manufactures to ensure that they are not counterfeit. The primary operation of the company is in the United States with its headquarters in Washington and a total of 89,000 people.

Microsoft Company's first international office was established back in the year 1978 in Japan and it was provided with a title ASCII Microsoft (DATAMONITOR: Microsoft Corporation, 2011). Nowadays the international office at Microsoft Corporation is known as Microsoft Japan. At Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates is the individual in charge of international financial management at Microsoft Corporation (DATAMONITOR: Microsoft Corporation, 2011).

Bill Gates is one of the founders of Microsoft Corporation alongside ...

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The solution discusses the job position of the individual in charge of international financial management at Microsoft Corporation.

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