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Financial Initiative at Microsoft

What Microsoft can acquire in terms of investing in other companies to build their organizations portfolio, such as acquiring another company like aQuanitive

Using the most recent annual report and other financial statements submitted to the SEC, select a financial initiative from the "management's message" to the shareholders. Compare and contrast three potential financial outcomes that your Learning Team envisions for the proposed initiative(s). Evaluate your findings to determine the most likely outcome. Additionally, be sure to include your calculations which support your analysis of the various financial outcomes and discuss the financial impact on your selected organization. Be sure to properly cite your references in your paper.


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//Before writing about the 'Financial Initiatives of the Company', it is essential to have knowledge about the Company's background, operations and main goal. One should know about the background of the acquiring Company, which further will assist in analyzing about the financial initiative.//


Microsoft was founded in 1975 and its Headquarter is based in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft Corporation serves the customers by providing various software and computer devices. It is engaged with its clients in the area of technical architecture, engineering and product delivery of Windows (Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional etc.), Media Center Edition, and Tablet PC Edition etc. The company offers Microsoft office products, unified communications, and business intelligence products through its business divisions. The main goal of Microsoft is to provide a better hardware and software technology to its consumers in order to entertain them fully through consumer electronics. Gaining consumer's trust is difficult for Microsoft in producing a console with several capabilities (About Microsoft,2008).

AQuantive is a global digital marketing company. The acquisition of companies like AQuanitive will be advantageous for the Microsoft. By acquiring it, Microsoft will have an access to a world-class Internet-wide advertising platform along with tools, sales, support, and syndication to agencies, publishers and advertisers. AQuantive possesses market-leading technology and very sound and long relationships with publishers and advertisers combined with the ad Center ...

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