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Publically held multinational companies

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I need help with figuring out a publically held multinational company from the investors guide.com list. The companies filings to the SEC have to be investigated particular the 10-k and 10-q's. Also, the companies annual report online.

Answer these questions from your investigation.
1. What assumptions is the financial reporting model based on?
2. What principles support the financial reporting model?
3. Who oversees the accounting profession?
4. What is the role of Congress in settling the concerns that arise with accounting firms and their clients?
5. Describe how the annual report differs from the 10-K. What is contained in the annual report that is not in the 10-K and vice versa.
6. How does the 10-K report differ in content from the 10-Q? What is the reason for the difference?
7. Describe 2 disclosures in the 10-K that were surprising or interesting to you? Why were they interesting or surprising to you?

Length 1-3 pages in APA format.

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Publically held multinational companies for investors guides are determined.

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For the analysis, Microsoft Corporation is selected and its 10-K and 10-Q reports are obtained or the most recent year. 10-K and annual report are presented in same format. Below is the result of investigation:
Assumptions for Financial Reporting Model
The financial reporting model is based on the various assumptions related to loss contingencies, fair value, potential goodwill impairment, and product warranties for the reporting of tangible and intangible assets, market value of inventory (Microsoft, 2013). At the same time, reporting model is also based on assumptions related to tax returns, impairments of assets, which may cause the difference between actual results and management assumptions and estimations.
Principle Support Financial Reporting Model
The generally accepted accounting principles of the USA are used to support the financial reporting model. The fair value principle, impairment principle comes under this accounting principle generally accepted in USA. The 10-K report is based on the Securities Exchange Act 1934 (Microsoft, 2013).
The accounting profession of Microsoft is regulated by Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and it also includes the audit from an external auditing firm, which is also effective to determine the ...

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