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    Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping

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    High Low Method Technique

    There were several methods discussed in Chapter 5 as to estimation of a company's fixed and variable costs. Choose one of these methods, and discuss that method's advantages and disadvantages.

    Managerial Accounting

    * What are the differences between financial and managerial accounting? * Describe the types of reporting used by financial and managerial accounting.

    Direct and Indirect Costs for Famous Furniture

    During the month of April, the Famous Furniture Company incurred the following cost: Material used production production labor track and glue quality control salary production supervisor salary advertising expense general and adminstration cost properly taxes on factory insurance on factory building Select correct

    Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

    San Ysidro Company manufactures hiking equipment. The company's administrative and manufacturing operations share the company's one building. Eighty percent (80%) of the building is used for manufacturing and the remainder is used for administrative activities. Indirect labor is 8% of direct labor. The cost accountant at San

    Fundamentals of Cost Accounting: Costs and Goods

    The Following information comes from the accounting records for Santa Cruz, Inc. for March: Direct material inventory, March 1 $6,000.00 Direct material inventory, March 31 5,000.00 Work-in-process inventory, March 1 3,000.00 Work-in-process inventory, March 31 2,000.00 Finished goods in

    Financial Accounting Depreciation

    see attached P10-5A At December 31, 2008, Jimenez Company reported the following as plant assets. Land $4,000,000 Buildings $28,500,000 Less: Accumulated depreciation-buildings 12,100,000 16,400,000 Equipment 48,000,000 Less: Accumulated depreciation-equipment 5,000,000 43,000,000 Total plant assets $6

    Cost accounting problems

    E10-4 (a,b) Raney Company uses a flexible budget for manufacturing overhead based on direct labor hours. Variable manufacturing overhead costs per direct labor hour are as follows. Indirect labor $1.00 Indirect materials 0.50 Utilities 0.40 Fixed overhead costs per month are: Supervision $4,000, Depreciation $1,500

    Cost Accounting: Effect on the Income on the Cycle Division

    See the attached file. E8-12 The Cycle Division of TravelVelocity Company has the following per unit data related to its most recent cycle called Roadbuster. Selling price $2,200 Variable cost of goods sold Body frame $300 Other variable costs 900 1,200 Contribution margin $1,000 Presently, th

    Cost Accounting Incremental Analysis: Y-Go

    See the attached file. Hardy Fiber, Company is the creator of Y-Go, a technology that weaves silver into its fabrics to kill bacteria and odor on clothing while managing heat. Y-Go has become very popular as an undergarment for sports activities. Operating at capacity, the company can produce 1,000,000 undergarments of Y-Go a

    Financial Accounting: Bank reconciliation problems

    Petty Cash Fund On January 2, 2010, Cleaver Video Stores decided to set up a petty cash fund. The treasurer established the fund by writing and cashing a $300 check and placing the coin and currency in a locked petty cash drawer. Edward Haskell was designated as the custodian for the fund. During January, the following rec

    Calculate Depreciation - Three Methods

    ACCT 731 P21 A machine cost $500,000 on April 1, 2008. Its estimated salvage value is $50,000 and its expected life is eight years. Directions: Calculate the depreciation expense (to the nearest dollar) by each of the following methods, showing the figures used on a separa

    Financial & Managerial Accounting for MBAs

    See the attachment. Question 1 Save The total monthly operating costs of Smoothie Universe are: $2,000 + $0.30X, where X = 12 ounce servings Calculate the average cost per serving at each of the following monthly volumes: 1,500; 2,000; 3,000; and 5,000, and determine the monthly volume at which the averag

    Cost-volume-profit analysis problem

    One more limitation of cost-volume-profit analysis is that it assumes that fixed costs are unlikely to stay constant as output increases beyond a certain range of activity. Security and lighting for instance may be regarded as fixed costs at some point but as production increases there may be need to light up and guard additiona

    Which is true when accounts receivable are factored

    Question 10 Which of the following is true when accounts receivable are factored without recourse? Choose one answer. a. The transaction may be accounted for either as a secured borrowing or as a sale, depending upon the substance of the transaction. b. The receivables are used as collateral for a promissory not

    Accounting - Financial Reporting

    Question 11 When preparing a bank reconciliation for the purpose of arriving at the correct cash balance Choose one answer. a. outstanding checks can be added to the balance per books. b. NSF checks should be deducted from the balance per books. c. deposits in transit are deducted from the balance per bank.

    Accounting - Financial Reporting

    22 DeFilippo Company agreed to loan Morreale Glass Corporation $400,000. Morreale Glass Corporation gave a zero-interest-bearing note due in 4 years and also promised to provide DeFilippo Company with glass products at a special discount price. (A 12% interest rate is an appropriate rate for both companies.)

    Cost Accounting - Overhead variances

    Please help me complete the attached problems: 17.30 Electricity use 30 KWH per patient-day Electric rate $0.12 per KWH Fixed monthly electricity charge $1,250 per month a. Flexible budget formula Variable per KWH Fixed per month Electricity cost = b. Columnar flexible budget, patient-days

    Worksheet for The Fiorillo Company

    Worksheet The Fiorillo Company has the following account balances on December 31, 2010 prior to any adjustments: Debit Credit Cash $1900.00 Accounts receivable 4700.00 Allowance for doubtful accounts

    Accounting - Financial reporting

    23 December 31 2009 2008 Cash $90,000 $27,000 Accounts Receivable $92,000 $80,000 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts ($4,500) ($3,100) Inventory $155,000 $175,000 Prepaid Expenses $7,500 $6,800 Land $90,000 $60,000 Buildings $287,000 $244,000 Accumulated Depreciation ($32,000) ($13,000) Patents $20,000 $35,000 $70

    Accounting - Multi-Step Income Statements

    22 Presented below is financial information of the Mickey Corporation for 2008 Beginning Retained Earnings, 1/1/08 $950,000 Gain on the Sale of Investments (normal recurring) $110,000 Sales for the Year $30,000,000 Loss Due to Flood Damage (unusual & infrequent) $125,000* Cost of Goods Sold $21,000,000 Loss on Disposal o

    Accounting - Financial Reporting Normal Balances

    21 The following accounts appeared on the trial balance of Elbert Company at December 31, 2008. All accounts have normal balances. Notes Payable $64,000 Accounts Receivable $172,800 Accumulated Depreciation - Bldg. $261,000 Prepaid Expenses $18,750 Supplies on Hand $12,600 Customers' Deposits $1,250 Accrued Salaries and

    Cost Accounting

    Sebastian Company, which manufactures electrical switches, uses a standard cost system and carries all inventories at standard. The standard manufacturing overhead costs per switch are based on direct labor hours and are shown below: â?¢Variable overhead (5 hours @ $12 per direct manufacturing labor hour) $ 60 â?¢Fixed ov

    Lebron Waters: Alternative Solutions

    Lebron Waters has discovered a problem involving its mix of flavor to seltzer water that costs the company $3,000 in waste and $2,500 in lost business per period. There are two alternative solutions. The first is to lease a new mix regulator at a cost of $4,000 period, which would save $2,000 in waste and $2,000 in lost busine

    Direct method of cost allocation; net realizable value method

    1. Barclay printers has two service departments (maintenance and personnel) and two operating departments (printing and development). Management has decided to allocate maintenance costs on the basis of labor hours worked by the employees in each. The following is the data: Maintenance Person

    Arguments Against Historical Cost Use in Accounting

    Which of the following is an argument against using historical cost in accounting? Fair values are more relevant. Historical costs are based on an exchange transaction. Historical costs are reliable. Fair values are subjective.

    Cost Accounting: Systems Integrators Inc. Activities

    Attached problem. Selected information about several activities for Systems Integrators, Inc. follows: Resources Used Resources Supplied Cost Driver Rate Cost Driver Volume Material $50,000 $ 5 10,000 Energy 8,000 15 420 Setups 3,500 50 60 Purchasing 3,000 40

    Production management-salaries and support for managers

    Attached problem Match each of the following resources and activities with the most likely activity level. Answers Activity Level, Unit, product, Customer, FacilityBatch 1 Production management-salaries and support for managers 2 Marketing research-salaries and support for marketing research to identify new