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    Lebron Waters has discovered a problem involving its mix of flavor to seltzer water that costs the company $3,000 in waste and $2,500 in lost business per period. There are two alternative solutions. The first is to lease a new mix regulator at a cost of $4,000 period, which would save $2,000 in waste and $2,000 in lost business. The second alternative is to hire an additional employee to annually monitor the existing regulator at a cost of $2,500 per period, saving $1,500 in waste and $1,800 in lost business per period.

    Prepare a memo that evaluates the two alternatives. Which alternative should LeBron Waters choose?

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    This analysis involves two pieces: a cost increase (to implement the solution) and a savings (reduced waste and reduced lost business).

    The best solution is the one where the net savings (net ...

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    This solution analyzes two potential alternative solutions and determines the better one.