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IT Acquisition Planning Teams

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Two IT acquisition planning teams worked together to study the same problem and develop alternative solutions for solving it. The teams then separated and each developed a work breakdown structure for the same alternative solution. The teams then compared the resulting work breakdown structures and found that they were significantly different. Is only one of the work breakdown structures correct? Could both be correct? Could both be incorrect?

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In a situation of this nature only one of the breakdown structures would be correct if only one of the breakdown structures led to the alternative solution that effectively solves the problem, ...

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A frequent occurrence is for an IT acquisition project that is behind schedule and over budget to continue out of control until the costs become intolerable or some other event causes it to end, resulting in much waste of resources with few or no benefits.

Your Question. Your question has three parts.

(a) In general, 'who' is, or should be, responsible for (i) monitoring the performance of IT acquisition projects and (ii) taking action that may result in canceling the project?

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(c) How would the process you recommend compare with that of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission?

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